What is your breakfast routine? 🥚


I’ve been using this apps for a while now and I love it. I usually have smoothies for breakfast. It would be great if breakfast recepies are avaible for our meal plans.


Noted :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback!

That’s an excellent simple breakfast you make! Pretty darn nutritious and quick. Good for you :thumbsup:

Wow, your breakfast options sound delicious! :yum:

Breakfast is definitely a key interest of mine. It’s good to know that you’d like breakfast recipes too - thanks for sharing!


Coffee. Maybe grab a granola bar or a piece of fruit as I run out the door. I would love to see ideas for meals I could prep the night before and not have to cook in the morning. Or something I could microwave in the break room at work, at least cut work days. Weekends are a different story. I love big weekend breakfasts!


My breakfast routine is to pack something and take it to work. I would love recipes for stuff like healthy pancakes that I could eat hot on Sunday and then take with to heat up on Monday. A recipe for make your own granola bars that could be grabbed quickly in the morning or a quick microwave omlet idea would be good, too.My routine changes from applesauce and cinnamon to cereal to just fruit to smoothies to left over pizza. Crock pot ideas would be good…Prepare at night and ready to take in the morning…


I love the ability to make ahead breakfasts that double as healthy, high protein, portable snacks (so rarely including eggs or ingredients that need refrigerated). Granola bars, black bean brownies, hash brown cakes in mini muffin tins, etc. I will try to make enough for the week and then just toss a couple of whatever they are in my bag and I’m out the door.

The idea of make the night before from dinner leftovers is also genius. I would be into that too. Crock pot ideas would be the dream! The quick and easy morning is key.



I have busy mornings so I do well when I plan ahead. I think keeping it simple is key. One favorite is overnight oats In a mason jar. I just take a pint size jar and add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of 1-minute oats (not instant) and the rest of the ingredients vary, depending on mood or supply:slight_smile:
A couple of tablespoons of chia seeds, 1/4 or so cup of milk (I use non-dairy), 1/2 or so cup of water. Cinnamon and maple syrup, Stevia or raw honey. In the morning, I add fruit.
Sourdough pancakes or English muffins can be easy bec if my starter dough is “fed” the day before to make a batch - it is almost like having a mix! I am just getting back into this.
My other breakfast (and/or lunch) favorite is healthy smoothies and shakes!


Last year I started using a juicer, mostly with vegetables. Means that I keep a lot of carrots, celery, apples, cabbage etc on hand. For the last month or so I have been making quick juices for breakfast–usually trying to figure out really quick what I have left in the fridge and what would work together.

Might be nice to factor all that together with grocery shopping and prepping of meals.


I have found eating breakfast is beneficial to keeping me more satisfied all day. So sometimes I fix French toast or an egg and toast. Would love to have recipes for 2 servings that I can put together the night before and bake while I am getting ready for work.


Sometimes, I scramble eggs, onions and whatever else I want to put in my omelet and put it in muffin pans and bake them. I toss 2 in a ziplock bag. Sometimes, I drink green smoothies.


How do you store the burritos after you prep and cook them? Freezer?


I wrap them in aluminum foil and fold the ends over to store in the freezer. I feel it’s easiest to work with and stores them nice and tight before freezing. When it’s time to make them, I’ll unwrap them and re-wrap in a paper towel then toss it in the microwave. Depending on the tortilla you use, you can just let them stay in there until cooked through (about 1:30-2:00). I’ve used other generic tortillas and I have to wet the paper towel or do short :30 bursts before unwrapping, rotating the burrito and then re-wrapping which is kind of a pain. The higher quality flour tortilla you use, the more likely it will hold up in the microwave.


Breakfasts are very important to me, so I never skip them. It took me years to figure out how to handle my breakfast situation especially because I would rather sleep until the last minute. Eventually I realized that even if my breakfast is quick, i still need to be up early.

I tend to stick with a recipe for a while. For a long time, I used to cook a pot of steel cut oats on Sunday, place the contents into bowls and microwave a bowl in the morning to warm up the oats.

However, I did not realize that I was eating too much oats! That made me gain a bit of weight so my next cycle was to switch to fiber cereal. This was my regular breakfast for about one year, though probably more.

Recently I switched to smoothies since I realized that my cooking needs to give me glowing skin benefits which it was not. I was not eating enough veggies. Smoothies, however, require a lot of assemblage. So I prep the three cups with while my nutribullet arrived. I do this prep on Sunday which means that I have breakfast until Wednesday. On Wednesday, I have to prepare another batch.

I would love it if the app contains smoothie recipients and if it allows for batching to economize the groceries.


We end up having cereal during the week because we can put it into bowls before we go to bed and just slosh some milk on it in the morning. However, having an alternative that has less carbs and more protein would be brilliant. Some kind of wheat free, savoury muffins that can be warmed in the microwave or granola bars that are low or no sugar.
At the weekends we have bacon and eggs, porridge with fruit or bolied egg and toast soldiers, but even they are wearing a bit thin now.


Almost every morning I have the same breakfast because it’s quick and easy and keeps me satisfied until lunch. I have oatmeal with raisins and one spoonful of peanut butter. I would love to see some healthy and satisfying breakfast options on Mealime though and then I might be willing to mix it up! I would also love to see snack options.