What is your breakfast routine? 🥚


Breakfast options would be awesome. My breakfast routine is kind of all over the place. Every day is different. Some days I make omelettes, some days I make smoothies or breakfast burritos or some days when I’m less motivated I just eat cereal or grab a protein bar. The option to add 2-3 breakfast meals would be so helpful.


Thanks for sharing your routine! Sounds like you get a decent amount of protein with the Greek yogurt and hemp seeds and plenty of vitamins and minerals with the fruits and veggies. Would you be interested in giving some other smoothie options a try that would keep the simplicity of the routine? And what type of hot breakfast do you see yourself enjoying (e.g., eggs, sausages, pancakes) on the weekends?


Thanks so much for sharing! Do you see yourself having 2-3 different breakfast options that you repeat some days during the week or would you be interested in more variety (i.e., a new breakfast every day)?


Hi Maria! Yes, I think we would be willing to give some other smoothie recipes a try. On the weekends I’d love to have some recipes that keep to our healthy eating habits as much as possible, with as much plant-based foods as we can. We’re not strict vegetarians but we do try to minimize meat in our diet. I’m thinking things like baked oatmeal, quiche or frittata, whole grain pancakes, or breakfast burritos would be amazing.


I would love to see Mealime offer make-ahead healthy breakfast plans! Especially if they could be eaten on the go. I switched jobs recently and have been struggling to find the right routine with my longer commute. I don’t mind if eat the same thing all week if it means I can prep/cook it once and be set for the week.


Thanks for your feedback, Gretchen!

We’ve assumed that most people don’t care quite as much about variety for breakfast as they do for other meals. It’s good to hear that you agree!


Awesome - thanks for the insight into the kinds of breakfast options you’d like to have for weekends! Gosh, a breakfast burrito :burrito: sounds delicious - I’ll have to create that for sure.


I’m a morning person, so I never miss breakfast. As someone who is an absolute terrible cook, I find healthy breakfast meals to be the easiest of them all. I make oatmeal/chia mix, scramble eggs, toast with pb and fruits, smoothies etc.

Simple quick breakfast recipes could benefit those that rarely eat or skip breakfast all together. I find it to be a significance when I have a workout regimen in the morning. In that case, Timmies isn’t the greatest choice.


Thanks for your perspective @Lilac! That’s great to hear that you don’t have a problem with breakfast - it’s also the easiest meal for me, but I still find myself sometimes missing breakfast when things are too busy.


I always do a protein shake in the breakfast. Super filling and fast, which is important when trying to get two little ones out the door and get two adults to work! Vegan, soy-free protein, fiber, frozen berries, almond milk - DONE!


Protein in the morning always a good thing. Sounds like you’ve got a great routine going!


I always have a dozen hard boiled eggs for the morning. I’ll crack and cut in half then sprinkle with S&P with a dash of maple siracha.

I also make breakfast burritos by the dozen with scrambled eggs, cheddar, potatoes, and a rotating mix of either sausage, turkey sausage, or chopped spinach.

I’ve made raspberry cheese danishs out of puff pastries before then just kept them in a giant Tupperware container.

A breakfast menu from you guys would be awesome. Hopefully with some kind of “make ahead” or “easy prep” option for items.


Awesome - thanks for your feedback! It sounds like you’ve got some good breakfast options in the rotation in the meantime :slight_smile:


I would love to see Low Carb Breakfast meal plans since I am a beginner with the low carb meals. This app is going to be a huge timesaver for me and my husband with planning meals. I would love to be able to have my grocery list all in this one app instead of having to split them for breakfast. My husband get’s up an hour before I do to cook breakfast for us so we have a good meal to start our day off right. I prepare dinner and use the leftovers for lunches. This keeps us in a steady routine. Now that we are switching things up to a low carb meals it’s a lot different for us since we alway had some form of bread with our breakfast. A LOW CARB breakfast meal plan would be fantastic for us to have to be able to stay with this healthy lifestyle change. I would also like to see options for low carb snacks too. Thanks!


I love a simple & quick breakfast.
Right now I’m into smothering avocado on a piece of toast with a fried egg on top. If time permits I’ll doctor up the avocado into a simple guacamole.

If a breakfast recipe calls for a long drawn out process - I’ll pass…

I like a breakfast that’s quick and that I can easily share with my one year old. :smile:


I always always eat breakfast. Seriously can’t skip it. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, so, although I’d love a bowl of cereal, when I do, it totally messes me up. I’m also prepping breakfast for kids, while making lunch a few days a week.
Because I do consider it a real meal, here are some of our most common:
Cottage cheese or yogurt & fruit
Cereal or oatmeal
Eggs, bacon (turkey or piggy), and toast
PB & Fruit smoothie
PB sandwich
Fast run out the door = crackers & cheese or PB, or granola bar
Weekends are pancakes, waffles, muffins or biscuits
Guests get overnight oats or a breakfast casserole
Premade burritos occasionally make it into my freezer for quick grab


Bulletproof coffee for me.

I make eggs, oats, or turkey bacon ( or some combo) for my 9 year old. Or special k with strawberries (and I add extra dehydrated strawberries from Trader Joe’s) with almond milk.


I’m getting 2 kids ready and making their lunches along with taking care of a baby so my mornings are hectic. Usually it’s cereal or oatmeal for the kids and later I have cereal or a bagel. Some mornings I skip it, not a huge breakfast fan, and eat an early lunch. I would absolutely love some make ahead or quick recipe ideas.


If I eat breakfast it’s usually apples with peanut butter and coffee. Or something I can prep in advance.


Agree. Night before. Or smoothie great options.