What is your breakfast routine? 🥚


Mealime doesn’t currently offer breakfast recipes and meal plans, though this is something we’re definitely considering for the future. To help us better understand your needs, please let us know what you currently do for breakfast.

For example:

  • Grab takeout from a restaurant or coffeeshop on your way to work
  • Eat this same thing every morning (Cereal, bagel, etc)
  • Cook a big breakfast
  • Prep breakfast for the week in advance
  • Skip breakfast

… or something else?

And lastly, what does your ideal breakfast look like? Thanks!


I am one of those “hit the snooze button until the last possible minute you can so as to not be late” type of person, so I often only make a coffee at home in the aeropress, and then buy a pastry at work. However, when I can get avocados in season, I will often just eat one right out of the shell.

In the past, I have made a large batch of breakfast burritos and froze individual portions, so I could grab and go. That would be helpful- anything you could prep ahead, and then freeze. ( Some high protein items that are egg-free would be my selfish wish)

Another idea might be to add on a “breakfast bonus” to some of your dinner recipes. For example, if a recipe uses potatoes, you add a tip like: “boil 3 extra nugget potatoes to use in tomorrow’s breakfast burrito” or something like that. (can you tell I love :burrito:s ?)


Thanks Rachel! I start my morning with an aeropress or chemex as well! :coffee:

Would I be right in saying that a breakfast recipe that requires you to cook in the mornings (even if its only 5-15 minutes) would probably not work for you? We’re considering a breakfast meal plan and are trying to get feedback on what it should look like. Your idea of prepping ahead is an interesting one - I definitely understand the ‘roll out of bed and get going’ problem for some / many people.


Correct. Maybe on the weekends I will cook (I do a mean scrambled tofu) but not during the work week.


I’d love to have breakfast options Something high protein with complex carbs and low sugar would work best for me. I often skip breakfast and sometimes need to be out the door so something that is easy to eat on the road would be great too. Smoothies? Wraps? Or something with an assemble the night before option.


That makes a lot of sense @JayCee - thanks! When you do skip breakfast, what do you end up eating? What does your routine (when skipping breakfast) look like?


Coffee, and more coffee which I know is not good. I then end up eating waaaay to much junk later in the day.


:coffee: is delicious though :wink: That’s good to know, thanks @JayCee! It sounds like breakfast is a high importance meal for you - if it is skipped, things later in the day go a bit downhill because of it. This is great feedback, thanks again :thumbsup:


Ah, I should have poked around before suggesting breakfast menus on the other thread. My breakfast routine is all over the place - sometimes I’ve thought ahead and have something like oatmeal or cereal on hand, sometimes my roommate will make me a smoothie, sometimes I pick something up (not very healthy!) on the way to work, and sometimes I skip altogether.


All over the place indeed! Thanks so much for your feedback. Does having (or not having) breakfast impact your day significantly? What I’m getting at is, would solving breakfast greatly improve your Mealime experience (and your day to day), or would it only be a nice to have?

I think I have an idea from your other response, I just wanted to double check![quote=“batemanenroute, post:16, topic:29, full:true”]
It would be a huge help! Breakfast is something I seem to have trouble planning for, even though it makes my day immensely better when I do it right.

That’s great to hear @batemanenroute. Thanks for clarifying!


I’d love to see a breakfast menu. I got kinda adjusted to skipping it, though my diet was also pretty crappy during the last few months and when I was eating a healthy breakfast on a regulag basis I had more energy and I felt better overall. My biggest issue is the snooze button as well. At one point I made a smoothie every night before going to bed and just grabbed it on my way out the door in the morning. Other times I basically made home fries, onions, eggs and whatever else I had left over amd ate it or I but it in a burrito. Another thing I did was making a batch of small paleo muffins the night before and that would also last me two days and was pretty simple to make. I guess I’d like to see maybe to variations for breakfast. One plan with meals to make ahead of time and one that has some quick and easy meals you can make in the morning.


My breakfast routine is always the same: Grape Nuts and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Any prep and cooking would have to be a very short time to make me switch.


Thanks @GamboJames! It sounds like your routine is pretty variable - you either prep in advance, scramble in the morning to put something together, or skip breakfast entirely. Appreciate you letting us know - this is really helpful as we consider the best way to implement a breakfast meal plan. :thumbsup:


Awesome. Thanks for the feedback @PoojiDung! The quicker the better :slight_smile:


I have a long commute ( about an hour and a half) and so I need my breakfast to be as efficient as possible so it usually a quick microwave oatmeal a piece of fruit and a coffee that I can microwave on my way to my desk and eat at work. I’ve thought about something I could pack into a jar bring with me and then either pour hot water into or microwave at work.


It would be a huge help! Breakfast is something I seem to have trouble planning for, even though it makes my day immensely better when I do it right.


I eat a PB sandwich for breakfast almost every day, eaten in the car on the way to work OR oatmeal with PB that I make once at work. If Mealime offered breakfast ideas, most likely I would just make them for dinner. In the morning I am packing my child’s bottles and food, my husband’s lunch, my lunch, getting ready, getting my son ready, my husband is getting ready, packing bags and loading the car… there’s no way we could cook.


Wow, morning is a very busy time for you, Laura. Thanks so much for letting us know! It sounds like some sort of ‘make ahead of time’ breakfast option would be better for your needs. Do your husband and son eat the same breakfast as you, or do they do something else?


A make ahead breakfast is a great idea!


Every weekday my husband and I each have a smoothie we make at home and then drink on our way to work. We’ve had the exact same recipe every day for several years - and we’re still not sick of it! It’s frozen blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple, with fresh bananas, spinach, Greek yogurt, hemp seeds, and a splash of apple juice. It’s a little high in sugar but it’s delicious. I don’t see that routine changing, but I’d love to have a weekend breakfast recipe in my meal plan! Since we have a cold breakfast every day during the week, we love hot breakfasts on the weekends.