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Hi @Jane . You did miss something. It’s our fault for not making things more clear, though.

Gluten-free is listed as a “food restriction” on the second screen of our registration. Since you chose “Paleo” as your menu type, though, we didn’t show you the “gluten-free” option because “Paleo” is gluten-free by default.

If you’re happy with your current preferences, then no need to change anything. But you can try our gluten-free option with a different menu type by going to “Settings > Eating Preferences” in the app.

@maria We should make this more clear during registration. When someone signs up and chooses “Paleo”, we should show them on the next screen that “Gluten-Free” is automatically selected, instead of not showing it at all.


Hi @bu1r2cs. Welcome!

That’s a great suggestion. It’s something that we have been considering. It’s certainly not trivial, as you suggested. But I think it would definitely be worth it. It’s way better to have 1 grocery list!


Cool! Sounds like something we could improve down the road.


Hi everyone my name is Sandra Jean I am freshly new to mealime in 25 years young and I’m from Florida. I work as a part time Cna.

Little about me. I have been struggling with my weight since I was a teen an it has really brought down my self esteem. I’m hoping mealime will help me in the process I wish they had a section for exercising tips or plans to go along with this also a way to make bigger portions for a family of six plus leftovers thanks guys hope to here from some of you


Hi everyone. My name is Marg and I just joined Mealime today. I am 53 yrs old and have always kept fit by running rowing swimming and cycling. I went to the grocery store yesterday and comparing what we had in our cart with the lady ahead of us we realized that we needed to up our game. She had all basic ingredients and no prepared foods. It looked really heathy. My husband and I both work full time and we have one of 3 kids still living at home with us. I would like to plan more for what we eat so they we can make better choices. Hoping that this app can help me.


Hi Sandra Jean! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your feedback re: exercise tips and larger portions / recipe scaling - these are definitely things we may investigate for the future. I hope Mealime is still able to help you in the meantime :slight_smile:


Thanks for introducing yourself, Marg - welcome to the community! We sure hope the app will help you as well; please feel free to post your progress so we can follow along.


Hello all! My name is Alicia and I am a total Mealtime newbie. Found this app trying to find better ways to cook for my family and also to TRY this prep meals thing on weeks where i am non stop at work and cant cook a full meal but have one ready to heat up. I must confess i dont cook a whole lot and when i do the variety is scarce. I want to open my childrens palettes up to different tastes and foods that can help them lead healthier lives. I am trying my best to make a change for the best so here goes nothing.


Welcome, Alicia! Glad to have you here. Mealime definitely helped me to cook a lot more variety. Hope you have a great experience. If you have any challenges, let us know how we can make things better for you!


Hello everyone. My name is Ontario. Im just starting this app and hoping this will really help me get into a better shape. I really like the thought put into this, and thank you for giving this communities this amazing app!


Hello from New York! My name is Claire. I’ve been using mealtime for about 3 months. Last year my diet got pretty bad. I was working as a resident in the city, eating take out all the time. There is only so much Chinese food and pizza you can eat before you feel really, really gross. My husband and I decided to make eating well a priority when I became pregnant. It used to be so much effort gathering recipes from myriad places and generating shopping lists. Once I found this app, things got a lot easier. We eat healthier and waste less. I have told many people about mealtime because it really has changed the way we do food.


Hello living in AZ and keping to my journey. I am looking to lose 110 lbs in a year and I will not stop until I get there. I work and take care of my kids. I just want to finf people as motivated as myself.


Hi there Ontario! Thanks for joining the app and community. Best of luck with your goals this year - be sure to post updates on how you’re doing!

Hi Claire! Congratulations on becoming pregnant! That’s exciting. That’s sure true about Chinese food / pizza / takeout in general for me as well. Too much is not good! Thanks so much for telling your friends about Mealime, and welcome to the community!

Wow, good for you! Welcome to the community, and best of luck with your goal!



My name is Jessie and I live in Pittsburgh, PA.
I have a one year old so eating healthy became a priority. Not every single day of course but as much as possible. I love Chinese food too much.
Turning 30 (yikes) has sparked new interests such as cycling… trying to learn photography… and freeing myself from Instagram.

I got into a dinner rut of making almost the same meal every week. Healthy but boring. Roasted veggies with some type of meat. So I wanted to do a little better in the dinner department.

When I came across this app I wasn’t expecting to appreciate it so quick! The grocery list feature is awesome. I appreciate that I can dislike certain foods and the recipes are tailored around that. Plus the perk of making enough for the next day and it being included in the grocery list is so convenient!


Hey there, I’m Ruthie. I recently found myself sitting in a grocery store parking lot with my 4 yr old and 9 month old boys, dreading the fact that I had no idea what I should be shopping for. The thought crossed my mind that there should be an app for weekly meal plans with a simple grocery list.

In no time, I had discovered & downloaded Mealime and walked in feeling confident in being able to stick to the list and got all of our shopping done for the week. If you’ve ever shopped with kids, you know this is a superhuman undertaking.

Mealime has far exceeded my expectations in EVERYTHING! Flavors, proportions, simple ingredients, health, prep time and just plain doability! Listen, I’m a good cook and I LOVE to cook but it is still rare for my guys to all agree on a yummy meal but 2 of the 3 things I’ve made (yes, I’m super new but will keep going) have gotten verbal “yums” and lots of thumbs up.


Hi Jessie! I’m going to turn 30 this year as well - poor us! Good for you for taking up new interests :bicyclist: :camera: Welcome to Mealime and to the community!

That’s wonderful to hear, Ruthie! It’s so great that we’ve been able to help. Welcome to the community!!


Hello! My name is Rebecca.
I am a 32 year old who works full time, I live in Charlotte, NC and came across Mealime when I was searching for a new meal planner. I was using another meal planning service; however, the organization never entertained my dietary choice. I consider myself a pescaterian and wanted to find a meal plan that incorporated this diet restriction. I have been using Mealime for 3 weeks and love the recipes, they are easy and Yummy!


I truly loved the introductions I just read. It is very welcoming!
My name is Sandy and my husband and I have five kids, three Daughters-in-Love and six grandchildren. We have two indoor beagles and a Mini Aussie.
I have been studying nutrition for 25 years. A huge part of a nutritious diet/lifestyle is meal planning and I am SO happy to have found Mealime. I’m just st starting so I will share later how I goes. So far, I love it!
I am busy but eating at our own table with food I prepare in my kitchen is very important to me. I am hoping this makes that process a less time consuming one!


Welcome, Rebecca! It’s great to hear that you’ve been able to find a pescetarian meal plan that works for you with Mealime :thumbsup: :fish: It’s a meal plan type that we hadn’t seen anywhere else as well, so I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it!

Hi Sandy! Wow, you have quite the large family! That’s wonderful. Please do share how your Mealime experience goes - I hope the app has made things easier for you :slight_smile:


Hello ! My name is Barbara and I am from Portugal.
I am a 24 yo scientist, so I spend most of my time in the Lab and when it gets the time to planning my meals, fast food is my best friend… or worst enemy :stuck_out_tongue: I love to cook and I try to cook healthy and specially vegetarian food, but sometimes my lack of imagination is terrible… I hope this app can help me a loooooot! :slight_smile: