Introduce Yourself to the Community!


Hello folks and welcome to the Mealime Community!

The main goal of our community is to support each other as we collectively try to eat healthier, cook more often at home, stress less about food, and live better lives. We built Mealime to help you achieve your goals, but we’re all here to support you whether you actively use Mealime or not.

We would love to hear now about yourself, the food you love, and the goal your working to achieve. Reply in this topic and share with the community!

A bit about me…

Hi there! My name is Jeffrey Bunn - I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada, currently 29 years old, and I work as 1/3 of the Mealime team.

Like many others I struggle with the lure of takeout and the promise of not having to think about what to cook. It’s a tough one, but I’ve improved my cooking skills a ton since starting Mealime and I try to be as organized about my meals as possible - at least Monday - Friday…afternoon :wink:

I enjoy reading, writing, fitness, and cooking interesting new dishes…I love food. Most foods, in fact. My current favorites are a good steak, salted Herring, New York style pizza, and coffee. Not necessarily all at the same time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Hello! My name is Mitch Crowe. I’m one of the creators of Mealime. I’m responsible for making everything work in the app and keeping the back-end servers purring.

My wife and I have been using Mealime to plan our meals since 2013. What a difference!! My idea of meal planning used to be that I’d look in the fridge and throw random items into a skillet (the “Mitch Classic”)…

I’m a picky eater: No seafood. Low carbs. Lots of veggies.

I’m excited to meet everyone here. I really, earnestly, want to make your Mealime experience as good as possible. I hope this community will help steer us in the right direction!!


Hey Mealimers! My name is Maria and I’m a co-founder of Mealime.

I work on a bunch of things at Mealime, but a big task of mine is developing and testing new recipes for you! It’s always super exciting to see photos of your Mealime creations. :slight_smile:

When I’m not working, I get to enjoy beautiful Vancouver. I like to take walks and bike rides along the seawall and discover new coffee shops.

Like Jeff, I love food and cooking, whether it’s cooking a simple Mealime meal or experimenting with more complicated dishes on weekends! I’m probably the least picky eater, which is great since I’m creating recipes for all kinds of diets and eating preferences.


Hello! My name is Rachel, and I think I was an ‘early adopter’ of Mealime. I wanted to cook more, waste less, and have more variety in my meals, so that is why I started using Mealime. I also liked that this was a Vancouver business, since I like supporting local startups.

I have stayed with Mealime for over a year for a lot of reasons.

  • Delicious recipes with lots of variety. I love being able to save favourites, and build a mealplan from them, and swap out things I don’t like

  • Ease of recipes taking 30 min or less.

  1. Great app - big fan of the shopping list feature!

  2. Feedback I have given has not only been welcome, but has been listened to and incorporated into improving Mealime. Great customer service! You guys are doing great in my opinion.

I love single origin, slow brewed coffee (translation: i can be a coffee snob), travelling almost anywhere in the world, but particularly to Latin America, and eating everything in sight when doing that travelling.


Hello Mealime community!

My name is Jeff Taylor, I guess you can say I’m relatively new to the app (just a few months at this point). I’m a local municipal cop where I was born and raised and I’m adamant about wanting to change the typical fat cop profile (along with other typical cop stereotypes but that’s a conversation for a different board).

Once a became a cop, I realized how easy it is to just easy garbage all day long. Fast food was the main option, mostly due to the midnight shifts I work. I’ve personally seen guys I’ve started with gain tremendous amounts of weight caused by lack of exercise and extremely poor diet.

I can also say I was starting to fall into that category. Even though I did regularly exercise, my diet was extremely poor. I’ve attempted several different meal prep programs and I’ve tried grilled chicken and brown rice for ever meal (boring :confounded: ).

For the last few years, I’ve been a crossfit junky and love exercise and adventure but needed a diet to supplement my desired lifestyle. I’m very thankful for a friend of my wife’s who introduced us to Mealime. Now I use Mealime non stop and have taken to a much better diet.

I’m excited to be apart of this community and I hope to contribute to the growth of this app and hopefully influence more people to eat healthy and exercise!


Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for sticking with Mealime for such a long time - it’s pretty great that you’ve stuck with us with all the changes that have happened!

:heart: that you’re in Vancouver as well! As a fellow :coffee: snob in training, which coffee shops are your favourites in Vancouver? Living downtown, I’m a fan of Revolver, Timbertrain, and Matchstick. I’d love to treat you to your favourite :coffee: - let me know if you’re up for meeting at some point. It would be nice to thank you in person for supporting Mealime and hear what we can do to make it better for you :slight_smile:


Hey Jeff! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you after our short email / Instagram chats. It’s so true that it’s easy to eat garbage all the time, eh? I imagine that this is particularly difficult as a cop, what with the shift work and stress of the job.

Thanks for introducing yourself Jeff - I’m sure we’ll chat more on IG and in this community. Keep up the great work! :lifter: :runner:


Hi! My name is Lauren, and I live in DC. I’m a 34 year old new PhD student, after frequently traveling for work for a decade. I’m excited to get more comfortable with routine cooking (on my student budget!), and to get back into an exercise routine. I’ve been relying on takeout for far too long.

I’m an avid reader, a situational coffee snob (hey, when all that’s available is instant, you gotta do what you gotta do), and I love spending time with my family and my friends.

I’ve been using Mealime for about 2 months now and it’s saving my budget while also getting me to eat healthier.


Hi everyone! My name is Laura, and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a huge fan of Mealime! I’ve been using it for about a month now and also got my mom hooked on it. I love sorting through recipes and planning a delicious week’s worth of meals, and then grocery shopping for them… but then I had a baby (who is now 9 months old), and it’s REALLY hard to run a household and eat well as a family with 2 working parents! Mealime has given me back so much of my time by doing the recipe searching for me and by only offering recipes that don’t take TOO long to make! I’ve stuck with it because the recipes taste good and are not overly complex.


Hello! My name is Sarah. I’m from Portland Oregon and have been using Mealime for about a month now. My husband and I own our own business and we have a son who just started kindergarten so it’s a little busy around our house during the week! About six months ago we found out my husband couldn’t eat gluten any more and it was harder than we expected to find an easy and organized way to plan our meals. I’ve alway been an avid recipe collector and it was really stressful to feel like I had to essentially start all over!

Being able to generate gluten-free meal plans with Mealime has been so, so helpful and such a relief. We’ve tried foods and recipes we’d never even heard of before and expanded our horizons so much. :smiley: I can confidently go shopping every week and know that I have everything I need to keep my family
healthy! Thank you!


Hello everyone!

Eric here from Quebec, Canada. I have discovered Mealtime while looking around for a good meal planner and think they nailed it. Recipes are as healthy as they are tasty. As a father of 3 young ones it is paramount that they eat in a healthy fashion and it is not always easy to create diversity and make them eat it. Mealtime has been a part of our family’s menus for over a month now and it brings such a relief of meal planning. Kids loved it all.

We are also big on gardening and buying local, fresh food. Our five hens lay fresh eggs every day. We are continuing to improve our homestead little by little every year.

As foodies, the unconditional love for cooking fresh, seasonal, homegrown veg is also a must. So with the last update it makes it even easier to pick and choose meals according to available produce. (I.E. I will be looking for recipes that include pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, and beets in the next few weeks) .

I know, I’m all over the place. I will conclude by saying THANK YOU for the great meal ideas. They complement so very well our diet . Great piece of work! And it keeps getting better. You definitely have my support. I will communicate ideas as much as I can when useful or pertinent.

Keep it up folks!


Hi Lauren! Welcome! Nice to have a PhD candidate using Mealime. Hope we can help enough to get in your acknowledgements :wink:


Welcome, Laura, and congratulations! I’m so glad to hear that Mealime is helping you spend less time meal planning. Hope to hear more from you so that we can keep making Mealime better for you!


Hi Sarah! We recently discovered my wife couldn’t eat gluten either. I really love the gluten-free recipes on Mealime. Glad you’re enjoying them too!


Hi Eric! What part of Quebec are you from? I’ve never been and I’m tentatively planning a trip for next year - hopefully I’ll be able to make it out and see your part of the country (I’m from Vancouver, BC).

That’s so great that you have fresh :egg:'s and vegetables! It really does make a difference in taste, doesn’t it? Unfortunately the only thing I’m able to grow (living downtown) is a small herb garden, but I’m doing what I can :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your positive feedback. And please, do leave us suggestions and ideas when you think of them. We really do want to make Mealime the best meal planning / recipe app out there. Cheers Eric!


Hello Mealime Community! My name is Kelly and I live in Kansas. I stumbled upon Mealime a few weeks ago when I was trying to meal prep for the week. I was just tired of looking in numerous cookbooks, searching on pinterest, and trying to find recipes with similar ingredients so I didn’t end up wasting food to feed our small family of two. After the first three meals, which tasted INCREDIBLE, I knew I would subscribe. At first I thought I could use that $50 / year towards something else…then I realized it was only $5 out of my monthly grocery budget and would actually SAVE me money in the long run. So here I am!

Super excited to continue to try new and easy recipes. I tend to “look ahead” and do all my veggie chopping and meat prep on Sunday to cut down the weekly cook time even more. I enjoy the large, healthy servings that this app offers, more than enough for supper and lunch the next day!

Happy to be here… great app!


Thanks so much for introducing yourself, Kelly! The challenges you faced in trying to cook at home are ones that resonate with a lot of our members. I’m SO glad to hear that Mealime has made things easier for you! We really appreciate you supporting us and sharing such nice feedback. :slight_smile: I hope that you will continue to enjoy the app and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions or questions along the way. We’re always happy to help!


I just downloaded the Mealime app today and was a little disappointed that gluten free was not one of the dietary restrictions… did I miss something? I ended up choosing Paleo which should be gf by nature and then used the food dislikes to tailor out other foods that while I love them, I really should not be eating them (nightshdes). Anyway, looking forward to healthy meal plans to get me out of my usual rut. :blush:


Welcome @Kelly! Thanks for joining the community and introducing yourself!

I am super stoked that you appreciate the value of our subscription. You’re right on the money, I find using Mealime saves me way more than $50/year because I waste less food. We really appreciate you supporting us to keep making Mealime better, too!