Your best meal planning tips & tricks

Though we’re working hard to make meal planning as easy as possible, it still can be a bit of an involved process. Here’s my best tips on how to make meal planning a breeze!

  • Grocery shopping right after I create my meal plan (or scheduling a grocery visit in my calendar, if I can’t go right away) is a key activity that leads to me actually cooking a meal plan.

Without groceries, I can’t cook the meals and I’m more likely to get takeout instead. Plus, having the groceries at home makes me feel guilty about eating out, so I end up cooking even when I don’t feel like it! For me, grocery shopping is the #1 key to successful meal planning. It’s pretty simple, but it works for me :slight_smile:

  • Do less than you think you can do / leave room in your schedule for the unexpected.

I’ve found that I’m (nearly) always too ambitious about what I can realistically accomplish. Whether it’s my work tasks for the week or the number of home cooked meals I think I’ll be able to cook, life always throws a curveball and leaves me in a bind. Often, it’s cooking at home that suffers.

Now, I try to leave some room in my schedule for these things I can’t predict. This way, I can still achieve my (slightly less ambitious) goals, and in the long run I actually accomplish more. Practically, this means that I keep my meal plans small (2-4 recipes per week) instead of trying to do too much.

I’ve also written a couple other resources that may be of help. Check out this Meal Planning Guide, Grocery Shopping Guide, Kitchen Cookware Essentials List, and Cooking Tips Roundup Guide.

Do you have any tips that have helped you meal plan more easily (with or without Mealime)? Let’s all share our tips & tricks to help make it easier for everyone.


I try to do as much as possible on the weekends in regards to meal prep. So I chop all of the onions / potatoes or other veggies, rice my cauliflower, cook squashes if I know they’ll be in meals later in the week, as usually they take at least an hour. This helps immensely as I can just come home… add all of the ingredients and cook!

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Meal prep / prepping ahead of time is something I haven’t have much experience with. But I keep hearing about people doing this and loving it…maybe it’s time to give it a try!

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