Why only 5 meals a week?

Just curious as to why you cannot add more than 5 meals in a week.

@Mrsbolanos Could you clarify a little more? There aren’t any restrictions in the app stopping you from adding more than 5 meals in a week, as far as I remember. Personally, my wife and I usually choose just 3 meals a week, and make them 4-serving recipes. That gives us 3 nights of cooking, 3 nights of left-overs, and one flex night (out with friends, etc.).

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I am an idiot. I swear I was limited to 5! Maybe it was before I upgraded to premium. think before you post

i do not have the pro plan and I have been able to add more than 5 to my meal plan with no problem. Frankly, that’s been a fantastic feature for us…my time at the grocery market is hugely reduced…and we have 7 or 8 options to pick from each night.
This app is saving me so much time and frustration about cooking with variety. We are really enjoying it.
We are still working towards evaluating our spending…we’re still a bit ‘messy’ about our use of the ‘extra’ items that we end up with at the end of each meal plan…i.e. when you only need 4 scallions but they come in a bunch.
So far we’ve done an end of the week Noodle bowl (GF raman rice noodles) with all of the left over veggie bits and chicken stock


Haha. Please don’t think that! There is a rule in product development, that it is always the designers fault and never the user. If this was confusing, it was probably our fault.