What's your current 'food routine'? How do you feed yourself?

My routine has changed quite a bit over the years! For a long time I would go to the grocery store every night after work and wait until inspiration struck. I ended up cooking many of the same meals over and over, because inspiration often didn’t say anything at all :expressionless:

Now I alternate between a few options: testing new Mealime meals, creating mini meal plans for a couple of days at a time, cooking interesting new dishes (just for fun), and getting tasty takeout (usually on Fridays - New York style pizza is a recurring favorite :pizza:).

I’m not as organized as I would like, but this works for me.


Catherine and I make 3-4 Mealime meals a week. We make 4-serving meals so we always have lots of leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. I love leftovers!

Every once in a while we forget to create our next meal plan and fall back to our old habits of flying by the seats of our pants. That means we cook up whatever is in the fridge (usually not very tasty :frowning: ).


So between myself and my wife, we will choose 5 Mealime meals on either Saturday or Sunday for a week. The 5 meals leaves us with two nights for either left overs or a night on the town.

I would say 90 % of the time we stick to the meals. We do not follow any type of meal regimen (i.e. X amount of carbs/proteins/fats) but I’ve found that that with the paleo option there is a nice and appropriate balance of all.