What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀

@cpsychc Thanks for this feedback and providing insight into how you use favorites. This is something we are thinking a lot about.

Regarding a random meal generator - I can let you know that we have a new feature ready to launch soon that I think you will be quite excited about. It’s much better than a random generator. Keep an eye out!

Instant Pot / pressure cooker recipes for sure! That is how I do most of my cooking these days-- Mealime seems like it is good for people looking to save time- so we should be able to use our time-saving kitchen appliances as well! Crock Pot recipes would be another good option.


Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion!

I agree with @Krissyd29, crockpot options would be amazing for those days that you won’t have time to cook after work.

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the suggestion! We have noted your interest in crock pot recipes, and will reach out if these recipes become available.

Corona quarantine times are upon us and groceries take forever to be delivered unless you go to the grocery store. I envision how I for the next who knows how long will have to rely on what is already in my pantry rather than on a perfect grocery shopping list.

Could you make the substitute options available in the recipe? They are available while grocery shopping but not once I create the menu for the week. At least I do not see the substitute options.

May I just add that I LOVE the recipes? I think there was only one recipe that has not worked out well, and I use the app all the time, and recently I started using it for inspiration given what is in my pantry. I ask myself, how would the Mealime chefs cook this chicken? Oh, what amazing food would they whip up if they looked at my pantry?

Hi- Thanks for reaching out. It is great to hear you are enjoying Mealime! Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we are looking into developing. In case you haven’t seen we have a use what is in my pantry feature. Open the build my perfect plan, from here you will see a blue button “use what’s in your pantry” tap this to access the feature.

Thank you for letting me know about the pantry feature. I just tried it, and it is exactly what I am looking for. If it could remember some of the stuff I have in the pantry, it would be even better since now I have larger quantities of some ingredients. Amazing app!

I would love to see an option for seasonal recipes!

Hi There, Thanks for the suggestion!

I love Mealime and recommend it to so many people. I would love to be able to filter recipes based on nutritional content! Also, how to incorporate secret recipes into my plan.


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Hi There, with the Pro version of Mealime you can filter recipes base on calories or using the advanced filters more specific nutritional content. At this time to add an “unlocked” or secret recipe, you will need to search the title (using the magnifying glass top right). I would suggest favoriting the recipe so it can be easily found under your favorites category.

I’d love to be able to do a monthly plan with what I could but for the month, and what needs to be purchased at the start of each week (so frozen and pantry items could be monthly, fresh veg and fruit weekly according to the recipes Ihave planned for each week).

Thanks for suggestions!!!

Loving Mealime, and we use if weekly to plan our meals. However, there’s a few things that would make it perfect for me:

  • Matching custom recipe ingredients to Mealime’s database so that they are as smart as Mealime’s own recipes. For ingredients not in the database, allow suggestions for new ones.

  • Ability to enter quantity and unit of measure for custom recipe ingredients

  • Allow custom recipes to be split into steps, enabling Cooking Mode to be used for them as well

  • Allow repeating of meals in meal plan. For instance, if I want to have the same breakfast all week, I could add 7 instances of it

These would make Mealime the ideal meal planning and grocery list app for me

Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestions! We appreciate it. At this time you can enter the quantity for an ingredient when adding your own recipe. When you enter the ingredient enter the quantity, you can also edit your recipes to add the quantity. I have tagged you as interested in these other features and will sure to reach out if they become available.

If you’re considering developing iOS widgets, I’d really love to see an iOS 14 widget that could show the shopping list, or maybe even what’s the next scheduled meal.

Been really liking everything that’s been added over the last few months. The new deserts were a nice surprise, and came at just the right time for a pick me up!

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Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion! I have tagged you as interested in this feature and will sure to reach out if it becomes available.

I love the ability to schedule meals for the week. Thank you for adding that! Dependent on the grocery shelf life it helps immensely. What I suggest are notifications the day/night before the recipe scheduled. Allow us to select the time. My problem is I forget to take the frozen meat out the night before and a notification would be so great so I never miss a meal. Nothing is worse than coming home from work and realizing it’s not defrosted! :grimacing:

Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out. Thanks for the suggestion, I have tagged you as interested in a notification on the next day recipe and will reach out if this becomes available.