What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀

Hi @mhinderman If you set your meal planner to “simple” the app with choose recipes for you that share common ingredients to minimize food waste. Please open settings, under eating preferences and then scroll until you see Meal planner, and then select “simple” please note changes won’t take effect until a new meal plan is created. Thanks!

I’ve fallen so in love with this app it’s hard to imagine it being any better, but I sat down and thought about it, and here’s a few…

So in the “disliked foods” area, one food I listed was raw tomatoes. But one thing I noticed was that it eliminated recipes that use tomato salsa. I love salsa. I just don’t like actual raw tomatoes. Purée them, mix them with spices and chiles, and they’re delicious. Yeah, I know I’m weird. There should be some way to specify that. I’m not sure how, but maybe y’all can figure it out.

Find recipes by cuisine. In the advanced meal planner, you can filter by low price, low carb, etc., but it would be cool if I could see all the Chinese recipes in one place, all the American recipes in another place, etc.

Add your own recipes to the database. I know how to add recipes to my own personal meal plan, but it would be cool to be able to add them online to share with others. I’m not sure where y’all get your recipes from, but a stronger community aspect would be really cool. The recipes could even have reviews and you could view highly rated recipes first.

I’ll add more suggestions as I think of them.

Just thought of another one. Grocery store integration. I know there’s already integration with Instacart and Amazon Fresh, but I don’t use those because they’re too expensive, plus half the time they don’t get your delivery right. My local grocery store is within walking distance, so getting my groceries delivered is a bit silly anyway. What I’d love to see is integration with grocery store apps like Kroger, Publix, ALDI, etc. You could transfer the Mealime grocery list to the grocery list in the Kroger app, and then I could even use ClickList if I wanted.

Hi There, Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestions! We are currently looking into different delivery integration partnerships. Though at this time there isn’t a category in the builder for different cuisine you can use the search function to search them. First, open the meal planner and start building a new meal plan. Then, tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the planner to open Search: enter the cuisine you are looking for.

We add new options to the dislike list based on what’s most requested by our members. I have noted down your request for a more refined definition of tomatoes and will let you know if this becomes available. At this time selecting raw tomatoes does not omit recipes that have canned tomatoes.

Additionally, if you tap on an item in your grocery list, it will open a window with more information about the ingredient and possible substitutes. Perhaps you will find this useful for making adjustments to recipes that have raw tomatoes.

At this time, we write, test, and photograph all Mealime meals ourselves in order to guarantee recipe quality, the use of common ingredients, and to make sure that time constraints are adhered to (30-40 minute meals).But we love the idea of more community engagement!!!


Low cholesterol opinion. Ability to select multiple diet plans at a time (low carb + flexitarain)

Hi, Thanks for reaching out and the suggestions! I have noted your interest in low cholesterol recipes. Currently with the Pro version of Mealime you can add advanced filters which filter recipes based on customized parameters. Which allows members to select flexitarain menu type and then add a low carb filter.

Please please add garlic to the dislikes list. I have a diagnosed food allergy and avoid garlic. I do alter all vegetarian recipes and cook without it, but it would be wonderful if you could add garlic to this list. There are so many people with allium intolerance/allergies I would be forever grateful to have my allergy recognized by this community as I love Mealime.

Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate the suggestion and feedback! We add new options to the dislike list regularly based on what’s most requested by our members. I have noted down your request and will let you know if those foods become available as options. it is important to us to support our members needs.

This is literally the best app ever just a shoutout.

One thing that I thought of as a way to improve the nearly flawless experience is to be able to separate out my favorites. For example, sometimes I “heart” recipes that are newly added that I would like to try, sometimes I “heart” recipes that I’ve tried already and love already. I think it would be nice for there to be a “interested in” list vs a “my recipes” list. (This is partially because the list of recipes I’ve tried and love is so long, but I try to keep trying at least one new one every week – mainly because all I want in my heart is to eat sundried tomato + spinach pasta for every meal foreverandever)

This would also help with sometimes I “browse” recipes for the next week but am not currently making a new meal plan I just want to think about what I might want next week and see if any new recipes have been posted

I sometimes “lose” recipes that I think look good to try in the future but I don’t want to try this week as I need to use up some other fresh ingredients I have.

One other thing I thought about – a random meal generator

I know you can change to the basic way of doing all random meals + favorites, but I think it would be cool to have the option to add a random meal from the advanced setting

@cpsychc Thanks for this feedback and providing insight into how you use favorites. This is something we are thinking a lot about.

Regarding a random meal generator - I can let you know that we have a new feature ready to launch soon that I think you will be quite excited about. It’s much better than a random generator. Keep an eye out!

Instant Pot / pressure cooker recipes for sure! That is how I do most of my cooking these days-- Mealime seems like it is good for people looking to save time- so we should be able to use our time-saving kitchen appliances as well! Crock Pot recipes would be another good option.


Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion!

I agree with @Krissyd29, crockpot options would be amazing for those days that you won’t have time to cook after work.

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the suggestion! We have noted your interest in crock pot recipes, and will reach out if these recipes become available.

Corona quarantine times are upon us and groceries take forever to be delivered unless you go to the grocery store. I envision how I for the next who knows how long will have to rely on what is already in my pantry rather than on a perfect grocery shopping list.

Could you make the substitute options available in the recipe? They are available while grocery shopping but not once I create the menu for the week. At least I do not see the substitute options.

May I just add that I LOVE the recipes? I think there was only one recipe that has not worked out well, and I use the app all the time, and recently I started using it for inspiration given what is in my pantry. I ask myself, how would the Mealime chefs cook this chicken? Oh, what amazing food would they whip up if they looked at my pantry?

Hi- Thanks for reaching out. It is great to hear you are enjoying Mealime! Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we are looking into developing. In case you haven’t seen we have a use what is in my pantry feature. Open the build my perfect plan, from here you will see a blue button “use what’s in your pantry” tap this to access the feature.

Thank you for letting me know about the pantry feature. I just tried it, and it is exactly what I am looking for. If it could remember some of the stuff I have in the pantry, it would be even better since now I have larger quantities of some ingredients. Amazing app!

I would love to see an option for seasonal recipes!

Hi There, Thanks for the suggestion!