Two new suggestions

I have two suggestions that I don’t think I’ve shared yet.

First, there should be a way to search through recipes without having to edit your current meal plan or start a new one. Someone told me today that you’d added dessert recipes. I was excited to look, but then I remembered there’s no way to see recipes outside of your current meal plan without editing your current plan or starting a new one. There should just be a tab, or maybe an option under the “settings” tab, just to browse through the recipes without necessarily adding to your current plan.

Secondly, speaking of dessert, I’d like to see meals that include both a main course and a dessert. That way, I don’t have to add a dessert as an entire new meal. But also, these would need to be storable, so obviously something like a milk shake would be difficult to store without either freezing it solid or letting it melt.

Hi There,

Thanks for the suggestions. At this time you can browse recipes without creating a new meal plan. Tap the start new meal plan button, then browse all you like, when done browsing tap the X in the top left corner to go back to your previous meal plan.

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