Suggestion: Sort recipes by cuisine

One thing I enjoy doing on occasion is “theme weeks.” For example, one week I may want to cook and eat only Indian food, and the next week it may be Mexican food. The way I usually do this is just by searching “Indian” or “Mexican” when creating my meal plan. However, this isn’t a perfect solution, as there are many Mexican recipes that don’t actually have the word “Mexican” in them, many Indian recipes without the word “Indian,” etc. This is also somewhat achievable with the categories you have like “Mediterranean” and “Tacos & Quesadillas,” but those categories are still limited. There are lots of Mexican Mealime recipes that are neither tacos nor quesadillas, such as that halibut with black beans and crema, which is one of my favorites.

There should be lists/categories based on what country they’re from. I’d also like to see categories for seasonal meals. As we approach the autumn, I’d like to find some autumnal recipes to cook for the first week of fall. Anything with pumpkin, apples, maple, and any other seasonal produce.

Basically, I’m just saying that there should be more logical categories based on country and season.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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