Suggestion: Grocery quantities in recipes

Firstly let me say I am in love with this app. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, but I can’t say it enough. I love how the developers actually read our feedback on all platforms and immediately take action to make the app better! Anyway, my biggest complaint at the moment about the app is how the weights/amounts of specific grocery items are only available on the shopping list screen. When you get to the recipe screen, this information isn’t shown, so you have to go back to the shopping list, click “show completed,” and look up that information. For example, tonight I was making a recipe using baby bok choy. I didn’t have baby bok choy, just regular bok choy. I wanted to know how much regular bok choy is equivalent to eight baby ones. I had to go back to the grocery list to find this information and weigh out the right amount, then go back to the recipe. This is tedious. What would be much easier is if I could just click on the ingredient directly from the recipe screen to see this information.

Hi Thanks reaching out, it is great to hear you are enjoying Mealime! We appreciate the suggestion for access to the additional information on the ingredients from the recipe screen and will reach out if this becomes available.

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I second this! It’d also be great if you could pick a substitution in a recipe, and have that change reflected on the shopping list.


Great idea! One thing I noticed is that for ginger root, the substitute suggestion was ground ginger. It said “Use ground ginger, but use less.” Less than what? With the root, it’s measured in inches, but how much ground ginger is equivalent to an inch of ginger root? Often the substitutions don’t measure out the same way the original ingredient does.

Thanks!!! That is a good point, I will bring it up at our next team meeting:)

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