Suggestion: Edit and save recipes to my recipes


I can’t eat seafood, but I don’t filter it out as ingredients because I found I was missing out on some really good meals to try, so I just substitute in chicken or pork in those dishes. There’s also other recipes that I make changes on, either swapping an ingredient, changing a side, or preparing it in an instantpot or air frier. Today, I use notes to try to remember these changes, but I have to remember to check and then make whatever changes to my grocery list before I go shopping.

Would it be possible to add a feature to copy a recipe to “My Recipes”, allowing that copy to be edited? I tried using the URL of a Mealime recipe to add it to My Recipes, but it didn’t import well at all.

Hi-Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion! I have noted your interest in a feature that allows for customization of Mealime recipes. In the meantime, I have a slightly complicated workaround for you… On your phone go to the Mealime web app (do not sign in). From the screen, you can search for recipes, from here copy the URL and then paste it into your own recipe section👍

I second this suggestion! I would use this feature all the time if it existed. We often substitute/add/remove ingredients and this would make it so much easier.

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Thanks so much for posting this! I have filtered out shellfish but now I’m thinking I should remove that, too. I will have to try to save the edited recipes, but I agree it’d be nice to make that easier.