Sharing a meal plan with someone else

Love Mealime and have used it very successfully to add to my list of favorite recipes. Was wondering if there was a way to share the meal plan I selected with another person (my wife) so she can see what I picked for the week and to use it as a way to share the shopping for the grocery list. Will she see it if she logs into my account? At a minimum it would be great to simply be able to Email the grocery list to her. Keep up the great work!


Hi @Guyp58! Great idea - I agree that it would make a lot of sense to be able to easily share your grocery list and meal plan with a family member.

We’re thinking about the best way to solve this problem, but for the meantime I’d suggest exactly what you mentioned - ask your wife to download the app on their phone and sign-in to your Mealime account. This will keep things synced and up-to-date for both of you :smile:

Thanks so much for bringing this up! If you have any additional feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know :thumbsup:

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My wife and I just share a Mealime account, and it works great for us! We are logged in to the same account on both of our phones, both our computers, and my iPad. We take turns planning, grocery shopping, and cooking, and it works great!

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Perfect! I was just wondering this… glad my hubby and I can just use the same login, this will work perfectly!