“Secret” recipes aren’t actually secret 😞

I just shared Mealime with a whole bunch of people, six to be exact. I was super stoked that they’d downloaded it because that means six brand new secret recipes for me!

But I was disappointed. Two of the “secret” recipes in the list were recipes I’d already seen in the standard meal planner. One of them I’d actually already made

I feel a bit cheated. If you’re going to call them “secret recipes,” then they should ONLY be accessible to those who have shared Mealime. It’s just deceptive and trashy. Don’t manipulate people into sharing your app by making people believe they’re getting something extra or exclusive when they aren’t.

Heck, I was already sharing Mealime with friends and family before the “secret” recipes even became a thing. I was more than happy to share it just because the app is so great. But now I don’t want to share it with anyone again.

Come on. Don’t be trashy and manipulative just to make a few extra dollars. You’re better than that, Mealime.

Hi There,

Can you send an email to [email protected] so we can do some digging? The secret recipes should only be unlocked if the app is shared and downloaded. If you can send me the name of the recipe that you had access to before I can do some investigating into what happened. This is a relatively new feature to Mealime and there might be a glitch with it. Please trust this was not intentional manipulation on our part.