Same recipe in same meal plan

How do you add the same recipe again in the same meal plan. EX: if I want to eat the same thing twice in same week and make sure grocery list is correct,

Hi! There isn’t an obvious way to do this right now, but funnily enough I’m currently working on an improvement to make this easier.

For now, the best way would be to add the recipe once and scale up the number of servings. This will work well if you are generally cooking 2-servings at a time. You can change the number of servings to 4 for a single recipe, and your groceries will scale to the right amount. Unfortunately, if you are already cooking 4- or 6-serving meals, then this won’t work for you.

Is it possible when creating your meal plan to make certain recipes for two servings, certain ones for four, etc., so that it will scale my grocery list accordingly? Sometimes I may be cooking for myself only one night, but the next night I’m having family over. Or does every meal have to serve the same number of people?

Hi There,
You can change the serving size for individual recipes. You can either change in on the edit screen or on the recipe screen just below the title of the recipe you will see the serving size with a little drop-down arrow. beside it.