Removing a meal from plan or having multiple plans

I go through all the meals and start adding happy. By the time I’m done, the following can happen:

-I have 14 meals But I can really only commit to cooking 7 meals a week

  • By the time I go grocery shopping I change my mind on a meal or the week is shorter.
  • Once I look at the grocery list I find I want to remove a meal with certain ingredients I wish to not purchase.

It’d be great to be able to remove/modify meals after they’ve been created. I understand that it can get confusing if you’ve already started checking things off the list, but there should be a way to uncheck or a pop up display saying “you’ve already checked off an ingredient for this meal, you sure you want to continue?” Just an idea.

Another great idea would be to be able to create more than one meal plan for different weeks, which would create a grocery list for each meal plan by name or number.

This has been my biggest set back in using it as often as I’d like or going pro.


Thanks so much for sharing these suggestions! I’m sorry that I let this message slip by without a response for so long. I didn’t see it until now.

We have good news, though! You can now edit your existing meal plans and remove meals that you’ve added. As you say, this can be problematic if you’ve already done some grocery shopping. We provide a friendly warning if this is the case.

After you create a meal plan, tap “Edit” in the top-left corner, to edit your meal plan.

Hope this helps!