I try to avoid dairy but when I set my meal preferences to avoid it I lose access to a ton of great salad and frittata recipes that only have cheese sprinkled on top- a easy thing for me to omit. Would love to have access to the recipes that don’t fit my exact specifications so I can look for cases where I can make a substitution or omission to make a recipe fit my needs. There are also occasions where I want to make the side for one recipe with the main from another and there doesn’t seem to be a way to separate them out which would give a lot of variety in meals without you having to add more recipes per say.
Also the serving sizes are quite big but I can manage that.


Thanks for the suggestion, Rachel! You’re right, some of our recipes include ingredients as garnishes that are easy to remove. I’ll think more about this and think about how we might be able to make Mealime better here.