Pepper Shrimp w/Mushroom Herb Couscous

This must be an oversight, but this recipe has no pepper at all in it :slight_smile:

Hey @Campah! Thanks for the alert about this recipe. I just looked into it. I see there as being black pepper added in the first instruction. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding, or if you are somehow seeing a different version of the recipe than me.

@mitch weird. The iOS version is missing the pepper but the web version isn’t.

@Campah Thanks for sharing the screenshot there! I just checked with our head chef and uncovered the mystery. There was indeed a mistake in this recipe, and it was fixed and published right away (which is why it looked right on our web site. However, since you added this recipe to your meal plan before it was fixed, you are still looking at the old version. We don’t update recipes in your meal plan, because if we did, then your grocery list wouldn’t match the recipes… The next time you add this recipe, though, it will be fixed.

Thanks again for alerting us!