On-hand ingredient filtering


I’ve recommended you guys to so many people at work who see the leftovers I bring in, and just want to say I’m SO happy to recommend you. And people seem to be really excited upon downloading your app.

Now, one thing I recently thought was “I have some things in my fridge that I used some of, but not all. And I want to use the rest ASAP—before it goes bad!” But finding a meal recipe that has those items isn’t always easy, since I believe the recipe search is scoped to the name. So if I have, say, green onion, I would love if i could search by ingredient(s) so I could find recipes that contain that or more of the leftover produce I have from the last week.

It seems like you’ve got some infrastructure in place for this, since you can filter by ingredient for preferential purposes. Hopefully this could be an easy implementation so people can be overall less wasteful with their grocery purchases, with the help of the Mealime app!




First of all, thank you so much for recommending us so warmly! It’s really great to hear that!

This is a really great suggestion. You’re right, the current recipe search is scoped to the name so it does a good job of finding recipes by major ingredients, but it would be better if we made it more powerful. As you say, the infrastructure is there, and this would help people be less wasteful, which is one of our big goals.

This is the exact thing I came to suggest. I love this app! And think I would love it more, if that’s possible :joy:, if I could plug in my on hand ingredients and see what pops up

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I’m happy to say that this is solved! When you search recipes, you can enter any ingredients to see recipes that include that ingredient.

We’ve just begun using the APP…and are loving it!

Making use of the ‘end of a meal plan grocery items’ is something that we are still working out in our house as well.This is so far from a ‘hi tech’ solution to the random food items that remain BUT
for the past two weeks my daughter and I have just used every left over veggie to make either a GF noodle bowl with chicken stock or a stir fry with rice.
Rice and GF rice ramen noodles are two staples that we always have in our pantry.

This does make me chuckle a bit as i remember my mom frequently making ‘chinese’ rice at the end of a week when i was growing up …it seemed super exotic then …now i know she was just making the best use of her groceries and avoiding waste =)

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Great! Thanks for sharing this tip. Our goal is to minimize the extra food you have at the end of the meal plan, but it’s great to have go-to dishes that help clean up the fridge!