Newcomers confusion re shopping list and meal plans

hey all,
I’ve just finished my first week with mealtime.
My goals were time saving, one shopping per week and efficient use of time in the kitchen.
I also need to watch my budget so the shopping list is an important component.
Over all this has been a good experience from a time saving standpoint.
Here are my challenges (some of which Ive seen others comment on)

  1. I checked off all of my items as I shopped but my shopping list still contains everything.
    Is this because I haven’t created a new meal plan? I thought that once I did that shopping those items would be gone.
  2. is the only way to ‘save’ my meals by adding them to favorites? I fully support the addition of being able to save and name full meal plans in addition to having the favorites option.
  3. on this first weeks menu I had several meals that included chicken but towards the end of the week I realized that the shopping list only had one pack of chicken on it…this was a bit weird…

ok that’s all that I can think of now…

Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your challenges here. That is so helpful for our team, since our main goal is to make challenges like this go away!

  1. You items should still be in the list, but checked off and hidden unless you click “Show Completed Items”, until you create a new meal plan. The idea is that you can find them and “undo” if you accidentally checked something off. Is that what you are seeing? If you are seeing items unchecked in your list after you checked them off previously, then that is definitely an issue. If so, please let us know at [email protected] with some context and we will very happily look into it for you.

  2. I usually save meals by favoriting them so I can easily find them for future meal plans. You can also view and repeat previous meal plans by opening your history (at the bottom of the meal plan screen). This requires a Pro subscription and you can’t name your previous meal plans yet (but that’s a good idea!).

  3. We combine all of the ingredients in your meals for you to make grocery shopping easy. If you have 3 meals that use 0.5 lb of chicken, your list will ask for 1.5 lb of chicken. If you tap on an item in your grocery list, you’ll see a list of the recipes the item is being used for.

Hope that helps!

i’m getting the hang of it …

i realized in my second week that i was not hitting ‘done’ when i finished with a recipe…
still can’t figure out why my first grocery list didn’t go away…but it didnt’ happen again so it was mostly likely an error of use on my part.

I am really loving this …and so is my 17 year old daughter. We chose the 30 min. meals…and i believe that we selected the $5 or less per serving…every meal has been extremely easy to prep and cook…most have been a pleasure to eat…one or two that were not to our liking but not horrid…

I can not stress enough how this is already saving me time and brain power…

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Great to hear that you are enjoying the app! I feel the same way about saving brain power. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to think about what you’re going to eat after a busy day!