Multiple types of meal plans

Hello! Is there a way to choose two different meal types? For example, I want the vegetarian meals but my boyfriend wants the paleo meals. Is there a way to get both sets of recipes?

Thanks! :grin:

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Hi! Unfortunately, we don’t support multiple meal plan types for the same meal plan. Do you two shop together, but cook different meals for each dinner?

The best I can suggest, for now, is to use two separate accounts. You could do this on the same phone, or on separate phones.

I have the same issue. My husband eats meat and I am a pescatarian. It would be nice to mix plans.

What I do is add some grilled meat or so something for him that would go with the meal I have chosen. Or I just make his meat dish and one of the simpler salad meals. He does love salads and will eat a vegetarian meal once or twice a week.
We’ve been eating this way for 27 years.

Having this meal app helps me a great deal. I choose the meals and then add his additional items to the grocery list.

Mixing plans would be awesome. In the meantime, I’ll try doing the two plans as suggested.

Thanks for the feedback!

i was just jumping in to ask this same question…or something similar. We currently have low carb and gluten free chosen .
As many Mealime users do, we tweak and adjust some of the recipes to fit our needs (and still get the time, money and stress reduction of the app!).
We were thinking that if the App allowed us to choose more than one option in our settings then we would see more recipe options when choosing our meal plans. we could certainly shift around ingredients as needed but i think that it would increase our variety a bit.
I supposed that if we just chose the ‘no holds barred’ instead of low carb that might do the trick .


Thanks for sharing! The best solution we have right now is to choose the “Classic” meal plan, which contains almost all of our recipes (some Keto recipes are just too high fat for your average eater). That will let you see all the recipes and pick the ones that work for you.