More Dietary Options

Would Mealime be able to add a vegan option? I would like to cut dairy and eggs out of my diet but the app offers very little options for that.


Definitely! We :heart: vegans too! I know that @maria is working hard to get more vegan-friendly recipes in there. We want to make sure there is a good number of recipes before making it a first-class option in the app, though.

Thanks for sharing this suggestion @Meep!


I agree about the vegan option!! I’m excited to try this app, but the first thing I noticed is when I selected the vegetarian diet option, the option to take out dairy was removed.

Glad to hear you’re working on this, Mitch :slight_smile: More and more people I know are looking for vegan/plant-based options.

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I will be on the look out for the vegan option!! In the mean time guess it’s time to put a little effort in and veganise what my vegetarian options are :slight_smile: