Meal Time Anxiety πŸ˜“

Anyone out there get anxiety around meal planning?


Me! I’m usually good if I know what I’m going to cook and have the groceries ready. It’s staying motivated to do the meal planning and grocery shopping in advance that I struggle with. I put that off, and then I feel guilty about putting that off, and that’s where the anxiety comes from for me.

@Froggy What causes the anxiety for you?


Hi Mitch! I am so excited to use this app and join this community. I used to be anxious about throwing away groceries that we overbought and never used. I used to be anxious about cooking itself. this app has made it go away! I just have to get over my love hate relationship with the knife and the cleanup afterwards. I once cut my thumb with a butter knife then fainted from the site of blood!

Love your work! Keep it up!


We’re glad to have you @Nikkiv1! Thanks for joining and sharing!

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