Low cholesterol meals

Would love to have a low cholesterol meal plan option…


I agree. I also think that a Mediterranean option would fill this need.


Thanks for the suggestions to both of you! These diets aren’t on our immediate roadmap, but the more we hear about them the more of a kick-in-the-butt we have to go and do it!

We have been using Mealime for 3 years. Recently my wife and I have been told our cholesterol is way up. The doctor said we should not be using coconut oil so we have been substituting olive oil by her suggestion. It might sound naive, but I assumed Mealime chose coconut oil because it was the healthiest option. The doctor says this is definitely not the case. I am curious why Mealime prescribes coconut oil over olive oil in most cases?


Hi Bubba,

Thanks for the question! We do our best to make our recipes as healthy as possible, and we have registered dieticians on staff who help us make scientifically-based decisions. Unfortunately, there usually isn’t a “right” answer, and that is especially true about cooking oils. It’s a polarizing topic, with plenty of smart people claiming everyone else is wrong. Scientific opinion has gone back and forth plenty of times.

We believe that coconut oil is a healthy choice of oil. We often use it as a cooking oil for frying, because it has a higher smoke point than many other common oils, such as olive oil. We love olive oil, too, and use it in many of our salads. We just don’t think it is great on a frying pan. A better alternative to coconut oil for frying is avocado oil, which is more expensive but has a very high smoke point and works well with most dishes. You can use it as a drop-in replacement almost anywhere you see “coconut oil” in Mealime.

I hope that’s helpful!

Disclaimer: Your doctor knows your medical history, and you should trust their recommendation. I just wanted to explain Mealime’s viewpoint, rather than offering medical advice for you.

Totally agree, my husband’s cardiologist said absolutely do not use coconut oil… Ever. Lol. For what it’s worth I sub olive oil every time the recipe calls for coconut oil & everything has still been great. Maybe Mealime could mention to sub olive oil for coconut oil in users with heart conditions. Just a thought

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Great idea-Thank you