Integration with flyers?

I think it would be absolutely amazing if my grocery list some how synced with the flyer apps to tell me where to get the ingredients for the best deal! That’s intelligent time saving shopping!

Love the app so far!! Thank you!


Thanks so much for your feedback @Msyvrais! Are there specific flyer apps that you use? I’m not familiar with flyer apps / how many there might be.

I suppose another approach to solve this problem is to coordinate with a particular grocery store (or several grocery stores), with the assumption that most of us grocery shop at the same store the majority of the time. I know similar services have attempted this solution. Which one would be better for you?

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I believe there’s a super popular app called flipp but I’m. It sure if grocery stores are the same between Canada and US. But that would be supreme if it did all that lol

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Cool! I just downloaded Flipp to check it out - it looks interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!

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