Instant Pot Variations

I really love Mealime and I’ve had the Pro version for quite awhile now. I live in a basement apartment and share the kitchen upstairs with my roommate/tenant. Obviously it’s not the most ideal situation and I like having my own space to cook, but I also meal prep the meals because I’m single in a basement. That said, I recently bought myself an instant pot and I love Mealime meals as well. So I’ve decided to start converting some of my favorite recipes into Instant Pot Variations. Once I test out the recipes I’ve created, I’ll be sure to post them to help share for any others interested in Instant Pot variations (keeping in line with the free version to avoid copyright infringements). That said, I’m building the recipes around my 6qt Viva model (the newer one with the Sous Vide function), but if anyone has a request of a meal they would like converted, feel free to toss me a message!

Do keep in mind that making instant pot variations does not mean that the cooking process is faster. For those of us in similar situations like me, I’m sure you would appreciate the ability to cook almost everything inside your instant pot. Although I’ve done a lot of research on conversions and such, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

@FuriousSquirrel Hi There, this awesome thanks! We are hoping to add instapot recipes sometime in the future.

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