Double recipes?

Is there a way to double a recipe? I already have it set for 4 people but sometimes we want to meal prep for the week or have friends over.

There isn’t a way to double recipes to 8-servings yet. It is a great idea, and I’d certainly love to support your use case! The challenge is that cooking an 8-serving recipe is different that a 4-serving (instructions and cookware should be optimized). It wouldn’t be hard for us to make a sloppy solution that lets you double the ingredients, but the cooking experience wouldn’t be good. I want to make sure the experience is great before releasing anything!


I love your app. I’d also be happy if there were a possibility to change the serving portions for individual meals when I have guests.

We are going to release an update soon that will allow you to choose 2-, 4-, or 6-servings for one-off recipes in your meal plan. Hope this will help you both!