College Eating habits

Hello, I am a sophomore in college and have, as many do, gained my college weight. I am trying very hard to exercise and stay healthy but eating healthy is a challenge when I am surrounded by pizza cookies cake cheese pop tarts and just about any unhealthy thing you can think of. Does anyone have any tips on how to remain healthy and not give in to all these terrible foods as well as a good way to limit my portion sizes??? I’m in need of some serious guidance. Thank you so much!

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Here are my 2 cents. This is what works for me: I eat protein, do not avoid fat, but avoid sugar and carbs. To lose weight, which I did and continue to do so, until I reach my goal, I eat smaller portions, but I NEVER stay hungry. Staying hungry makes you lose muscle, not fat, which is not what I want. In order not to stay hungry between meals, I eat nuts and dried fruit, and a ton of dark chocolate. (I do not recommend eating a lot of dark chocolate since it affects sleep quality, but that is my weakness). I make smoothies with the nuts and dried fruit and dark chocolate. I have NutriBullet, in which I would put any kind of nuts I have in the house as well as a range of dried fruit, yoghurt (because I love it and because it is probiotic), definitely dark chocolate (no more than a square from 80% or 90%), and water or tea. Then I put the smoothy in a thermos and have it with me at work. It has been the only thing that has worked for me so far as a work meal because I just do not see myself bringing actual food to work. No matter what I do, there is always something that is dripping and makes things messy.

This app along with an exercise routine I do (Happy Body by Jerzy Gregorek) has been extremely helpful for me to lose weight and feel really good. With the app, I select my meals (usually 3 for 4 portions for the whole week). I order the food through Amazon Fresh so they deliver it to my house, which I totally love though I wish their produce was better quality, but you have to pick your battles. The time I would spend grocery shopping and regaining strength after grocery shopping, I spend working out or just relaxing at home.

If you read Jerzy’s book, you will see that with the method described above about how I eat (which is from his book), he guarantees losing weight slowly but steadily. For me, this is a sustainable way of life. So I trust the method, and it has worked for me.

This app has given me so many delicious and healthy meals, that I do look forward to my dinners at the end of the day.

I do not know if you rent outside of your school or if you live on campus, and how many resources you have. But if I were you, I would invest in a NutriBullet, get a college discount for Amazon Prime or whatever service delivers food to your door, have your pots and pans, and kitchen staples. This can be quite an upfront cost, so I am not sure if that’s practical for you.

I wish you luck in finding your way to health, college success, and a happy belly :slight_smile:

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Been there before.

Everyone is different but where you start helps.

I’d read the paleo diet it’s not so much a diet but what foods to eat and avoid. So you do not count calories

Eat slow and chew food.

As far as losing weight. Start with basics

Fast 14 hours each day. No eating after 7 pm. Go to bed early no later than 10 pm. first meal can starts at 10am. If need eat a snack a hand full portion of a health snacks like almonds and blue berries. Do your best to not eat when fasting.

Drink water and coffee or tea only. No soda and no dairy. Milk is for babies. Literally a baby.

No sugar other than fruits. No starch other than sweet potato and keep that minimal

Portions should be no large than your own palm.

Stand 10 to 15 minutes every hour does not have to be all at once. Just 15 minutes in an hour.

Start exercises in the morning with the first 90 minutes from when you wake up.

Start with 30 to 45 minutes of cardio light, medium or intervals. Add some resistance training. Go for every day but never let more than 48 hours go by without exercise.

Keep everything simple.

Go get a physical before you start. Follow up with doctor 30 days later to check progress then every other month until you reach your goal weight. You need to know what that weight is and don’t go by any BMI index. So your gonna have to research that.

Let me know if you need any other help. You got this!

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