Bring back cranberry recipes from classic Mealime?

I’ve been using Mealime for quite some time. Back in the days before the app when the meal plans were 6 recipe PDFs a week, there was a couple of really good recipes that used fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce. Is there any chance to get them added to the new Mealime? Fresh cranberry sauce would be great around the holidays!

The classic recipes I’m talking about are Herbed Roasted Chicken with cranberry sauce & golden brussels sprouts and Chicken, Spinach & Blue Cheese Sandwiches with cranberry sauce

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Wow. Awesome to hear you’ve been using Mealime since our very early days! Great to hear from you!

This is a great idea. That fresh cranberry sauce is fantastic for this season. I’m honestly not sure why these two recipes were never brought over when we moved from the emailed meal plans to an app. I’ve shared this suggestion with our chefs, and hope we can get something out there soon. In the meantime, I added a “Winter Picks” section to the meal plan builder with some our our favorite winter season favorites. No cranberry sauce in there, but some great recipes to try none-the-less.