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Hi folks!

First of all I want to say congratulations on creating such an amazing application. I’ve used many other applications and nothing else has consistently saved me time, money, calories and tasted great. :evergreen_tree:

Personally I am a software engineer and understand the complexities that have gone into this app, however there are a few things that would make Mealime absolutely perfect for me.

  • Read access to meal plan data
  • Read access to recipe data
  • Read & Write access to shopping list

I would love to have this functionality, and I believe it would be quite simple to implement having taken a dig around the existing API. OAuth or a simple token should work.

This would allow me to integrate Mealime into my smart home and allow me to automate functionality in other applications dependent on actions within Mealime.

Thank you for your time!

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Cool Zack! Great to hear you are enjoying the app!

This is the first request for a Mealime API that I remember, so it hasn’t really been on my radar. As a fellow developer, I absolutely appreciate how much this can open up for users, so I’ll be considering this seriously. Smart home integration sounds awesome. As you say, implementing this wouldn’t be particularly difficult on our end; the main consideration is that we would have to support and maintain the public API forever. I’ve done that for many products, and it is never a light investment when all is said and done.

Count me as another software dev interested in some form of API. Has any more thought been put into this? I’m basically interested in the same data as Zack mentioned.

Not that I’m begging to spend money or anything, but I should mention that I’d gladly subscribe to Pro for API access alone, if that helps put the proverbial carrot on the stick.


Thanks for adding your support here. We’ve been focused on some key product improvements like 6-serving recipes, advanced filters, etc., and haven’t given more thought to an API. Getting extra voices here definitely helps keep it on our radar, though!

+1. I’d also like to be able to integrate Mealime w/ a smart home device

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+1 I realize this is a bit old, but I’d also be interested in an API if it was ever available.

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Thanks for sharing your interest @cpate9!

+1 I would also love to be able to integrate this wonderful app in to our home! My wife and I have really enjoyed Mealime and what it offers.

Hi There thanks for suggestion!

Would love to see this feature too!

I see there’s instcart integration in US but would love to export my shopping list in one of the UK supermarkets.

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Thanks-I have noted your interest with delivery options being available in the UK

I’d personally love to start looking at making nutrition logging with something like MyFitnessPal simple and seamless…I believe this would be a game-changer!

Hi there,

We’ve attempted to get API access for MyFitnessPal, but so far we haven’t had any luck.

Unfortunately, a public API isn’t on our priority list in the near term.