Nutrition/Calorie Counts


It seems like the nutritional information is not as accurate as it could be. I’m on a very strict plan to gain weight and need certain calorie/protein intakes. I choose the recipes with the highest calories but when I go through and double check the ingredients in my nutrition calculator it seems like there is no way some recipes can be as many calories per serving as it says. Just to make sure I’m looking at this correctly in the nutritional values tab, if I have a 2 serving recipe, the values listed are “per each serving”?


Hi Klmp82. Yup, we show nutritional values per serving. Can you point to a particular recipe you think is off? We are pretty careful and diligent about getting the nutritional information right, but it is possible that we’ve made a mistake somewhere. Happy to look in to it further though!


Hi Mitch,

Thank you for replying. Well so far I’ve checked a couple recipes and the calories counts I’m getting are lower. For example the Sweet potato and Lentil stew is supposed to have 596 calories and 28g protein per serving. But when I enter in all the ingredients into my fitness pal it comes up to 464 calories amd 18.8g protein. Maybe the values are just different in what you all use vs. what I’m using? I love everything about this app just want to figure out which values are more accurate. I’ve attached pics of what I got from My Fitness Pal vs Mealime.

Thank you!!



Thanks for providing those screenshots, Kendra. That’s really helpful. I dug in to the nutrition factors for this recipe. We have slightly different numbers for a number of ingredients for MFP, but I think the real difference is in the lentils. I believe the numbers you have there are for 3/4 cups of cooked lentils, but ours are for 3/4 cups of uncooked lentils (which makes quite a bit more than 3/4 cups when cooked). Here is our breakdown for calories by ingredient for that recipe:

coriander: 2.52
cumin: 3.83
turmeric: 4.96
curry powder: 3.46
virgin coconut oil: 119.14
salt: 0.0
½ medium yellow onion: 22.0
2 slices whole grain bread: 161.28
1 tomato: 22.14
1 (1 inch) piece ginger root: 4.8
2 cloves garlic: 8.94
¾ cup brown lentils: 506.88
8 fl oz chicken or vegetable broth: 39.84
¾ lb sweet potato: 292.57

Does that make sense? Thanks again for looking at this. Its a helpful chance for me to double check our numbers, as I definitely don’t want them to be wrong!