Mealime and saving money?


Does Mealime actually save you money, over just signing up for blue apron or hellofresh?


I’ve done meal kits and I love mealime compared to them. I can save a ton of money by making my menu with sale items. Also portions are vastly different. I can remake recipes I like on mealime vs. Meal kits some use special ingredients. Furthermore it’s difficult to find a meal kit that follows my diet. I can Taylor mealime to my needs and I love it! Also i can have leftovers if I choose,when my husband is on graveyard shift I need leftovers. I also calculated I spent 4.97 a plate vs 10.99(typical meal kit plate price) last week . Hope this helps


Thank you for your input! I’m a student, working full time. It’s almost as if I forgot how to eat, and on a budget! :roll_eyes: but, this sounds like a lot of people enjoy this app. Besides, those meal kits add up week over week. Thanks again!


They are completely different concepts. Prepped groceries delivered to your door always cost more period. It’s a fixed price you pay a premium for that service. Mealime is a list maker. Basically pulls the ingredients in a recipe and puts a list together. Time saved in what should we eat and how much do I need scenario is reduced.

Taking all food delivery products and mealime using the same recipe and using each service as they are intended to be used you will always save when you control exactly what you buy. I find mealime is more likely going to allow you to choose what you buy do you want to pay $4 a pound or $32 a pound for salmon. That choice is yours with mealime.

Having personally used all the food delivery services. Which I recommend you try them all because to each their own. . Mealime is a cost saver no question and you can create a grocery list in a heartbeat. Way faster than it took me to tell you this data. Have a great day.


Thank you and I appreciate your input. I’m a student and on a budget. That’s why I was curious about how the service worked. I’ve tried hello fresh and paying $60 dollars a week really adds up. So, in the end yes, I need a cost saving idea and this may be it. Thank you!


it’s easily worth the cost. i have even suggested they offer a pick up at your grocery store option. Seems like this is the trend and being that a lot of people use the grocery pick up why not offer a premium service at $11 a month to have the option to send to a local grocery.


Yeah! That would be ideal actually!


I have saved a lot of money because I know that I am eating healthy and have a great app to make a shopping list to follow. This has stopped me from buying all kinds of things because I did not have a weekly menu set up. The recipes taste good and are easy. We are doing the low carb option on the app and I have lost 20 lbs.!! I am super happy about that.


Wow! That’s awesome congratulations! I’m also interested in doing a low carb selection as well. As I stated earlier I’m a student and on a budget, so something like this seems ideal. The only reason why I’m gaining weight is because I’m not eating healthy. I don’t eat fast food or soda or anything like that. What’s making me gain weight is not eating nutritious meals. Thank you for your input ! :slight_smile:


It definitely saves money over Hello Fresh or meal prep kits, which run 10 or more dollars per serving. We have found that with our setting set at 4 portions of mostly vegetarian options (for two people so we get leftovers) our grocery budget is about $80 per week.
We are lucky in that our local WalMart provides grocery pickup. The first time we did this we got ten dollars off, and now while we refer our friends we get ten dollars off on occasion, too. It’s soneasy to go through the mealime list and add the items to our online grocery shopping cart for pickup the next day. It would be amazing if mealime integrated with Walmart to make the process seamless, but I can anticipate that for both parties it would be a logistical nightmare. Anyway, we also often pick up produce ourselves at a Mexican market that has really cheap produce. Sometimes WalMart produce can be a bit pricey, especially when you don’t get to pick it yourself and you might not get the best. But to answer your question—yes, way cheaper, and there are ways to make it almost as convenient (actually, I find it more convenient because with the meal prep kit services I kept forgetting to pick my recipes and they would send them anyway with things I didn’t like…and I had to pay anyway).


That’s awesome! Thank you so much for your input. I think this is really good idea as well!!