Meal Plans History


I tried creating several meal plans for a couple of weeks ahead and as a way to experiment and get to know the app. It seems to be saving only two meal plans at a time. It would be great to be able give a name or attach a date to the meal plans and to be able to see all previous meal plans.


Hi @Rose74! Thanks for sharing this suggestion! We’ve thought about adding a full-featured meal plan history like this, but weren’t exactly sure about how/whether it would be useful. Can you share more about how you would use this?

Do you frequently plan several weeks of meals ahead of time? If so, do you do the grocery shopping for several weeks ahead of time as well, or do you just like choosing the meals for future weeks.


I am a college professor and during the semester, I am very busy. I love cooking, but during the school year, instead of it being a relaxing activity, it ends up being another stressful chore. So if I had a meal history, I am hoping to be able to have a couple of efficient meal plans from school break to school break, e.g. Late August to Winter break; winter break to spring break, etc and during the summers, I can review and make bigger adjustments.

The history will be something like a class syllabus. I make a plan for what we will read and discuss, may make changes as we go along, but I am not wondering what I will be doing next week in class. Next time I teach the course, I can make the necessary changes.

Having this longer term plan of let’s say 12 rotating meals, I do not have to spend time to think what I will cook next week. Instead, The shopping list will be ready and I only need to go to the grocery store to get the produce. Making choices exerts will power and brain power. I would rather save it for something else.

It may be that this efficiency can be achieved in a different way.


I too would like to see several weeks of meals. I am lazy and like to shop as little as possible so I would create a few weeks of meals and shop, prep and freeze anything possible in advance. I also would just duplicate weeks if extra lazy. This is like my own cheaper Blue Apron service, since I pair it with grocery delivery. More meal options to pick from too! Changing my life for the better, so thanks for that!