Live in (or travelling to) Vancouver, BC? Let us buy you a ☕ / 🍺 / 🍷!


We’re always interested in meeting Mealime users in Vancouver, BC. Let us buy you a delicious :coffee: or :beer: / :wine_glass: and hear how we can make the app better for you!

Reply here with your travel plans or if you’re a local and would like to meet. We can organize here or via private message. Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


I live in Van and am always up for :coffee: or :wine_glass:for a good cause, but this is only the first week for me so my feedback will probably be more valuable in time.

But I can tell you I installed your app this evening and within an hour had my family’s whole menu planned for the week, five amazing looking & sounding meals(that seemed hand picked with my favorite ingrediants & diet type) and have already grabbed all the ingredients. All within the hour! So, already pretty blown away at the time & energy I just saved myself creating the weekly meal plan & the fresh exciting dinners in store this week!


That’s fantastic to hear @Lunae! So glad that you’ve (so far) found Mealime useful. Hopefully the good times will continue!

How about I reach out to you once you’ve been using Mealime for awhile and we can grab that :coffee: or :wine_glass:?


I also just downloaded the App and am so excited to use it. Give me a view weeks and I’d love to meet up to discuss how to make it the best!


Sounds great @Lauraj! Shoot me a message when you’re ready and I’d :heart: to meet!


My hubby and I came to beautiful Vancouver as we needed to evacuate from Florida and that nasty hurricane Irma. We’re staying w/friends out in Coquitlam…would love to thank you in person for this awesome app!! Let us know if/when/where we could meet up :slight_smile:


Darn! We just left Vancouver for a holiday to Germany on the 12th, and will be back in a few weeks. How long will you be in Coquitlam for? So sorry to hear about your troubles with Irma, I’m sure it’s a tough thing to have to leave your home.


Not in Vancouver, but just found this app and so proud to hear it’s made by fellow Canucks!