Ketogenic Options


Hello, I did a quick search and did not see any discussions about Ketogenic Diets. I have altered my settings to help slightly reflect the basic keto principles, but am missing the higher fat concentration in these meals. So I guess my question is, will Mealime consider adding a keto based meal plan in the future? All my best, love the app.


Hi @Giasonep! We are currently considering a Ketogenic diet plan, though I’m hesitant to make promises as to when it will be available (it’s mostly an issue of the number of recipes we have, and plan to test, to fully support a Keto diet option). As there are only 3 of us, new diet and allergy options take time to release, but we hear you and appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’d suggest that you select the Low Carb diet type. When searching for recipes in the meal plan builder, I’d suggest that you try to avoid dishes with higher carb vegetables (like potatoes, squash, and sweet potatoes). You could even add these foods as dislikes in Eating Preferences (in Settings) to make it easier for you.

Hope this helps. Thanks again!


I too would like to see a keto meal option.


Agree, looking for Keto recipes. Please consider adding soon.


Adding a me, too. Reducing seizures with the Keto diet.


I would love a keto plan and would definitely upgrade to Mealime pro if it was available. This is my favorite app and want to continue and support but I’ve tried Thebes low carb option it just doing the recipes without carrot, squash, etc but they don’t have enough fat in them. I love the ease and convince of not having to come up with meals myself or counting macros but please consider adding keto


We’re definitely considering it :slight_smile: We have to verify a few things first, but I expect that keto will be available in the near future. Thanks so much for your patience!


@Giasonep @williamthrilliam @Diane @tac11tac @Jessij

The keto diet type is now available! Please download the latest version of the app from the App Store / Google Play. Thanks for your patience with this!