Increase number of servings


Is there a way to increase the number of servings you are cooking for so the grocery list will plan for the correct number of people/ingredients?



Sure there is. Under “Settings” > “Eating Preferences” you’ll see an option near the bottom of the screen for “Meal Size”. Note that you will need to create a new meal plan for this to take effect.


Hi Mitch - but the only choices are for 2 servings or 4 servings - there are no other options. I am looking for an option of more than 4 servings.



I also see what Danielle sees… options for two or four servings.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying, Danielle. Unfortunately, 4 servings is our maximum at the moment. Are you cooking for a larger family? We would love to support scaling recipes to more servings and will look in to giving you more flexibility with this. Its more work for us than it might seem, though, because often the steps for making a recipe change when cooking larger amounts, so we need to go through all our recipes by hand to update them for larger amounts.


Hey Mitch, my girlfriend and I just found Mealime and are loving it. One of our very first concerns was the limitations on the meal sizes. We are combining families with differing numbers of children attending dinner on different nights (some nights it’s just the two of us, some nights it’s as many as 5, nevermind the occasional planned guest or two). I think we can mostly accommodate the scaling of the meal between 2 and 5 servings, but it would be amazing if we could override the default meal size, on an meal-by-meal basis.


Yes, allowing you to specify different meal sizes per meal in your meal plan is something we are hoping to add soon. The challenge for us is making sure we keep the app feeling simple, while providing power tools like this.


In terms of recipes being more complicated with more/different servings, I would propose the following: do a naive scaling and post a warning that the recipe has not been tested for this number of servings, so you may have to adjust the recipe for best results. You could also provide a link to a description of common rules for scaling recipes. Because right now if you want to make it for more people you’re just doing mental math the whole time anyway. Not terrible if you’re doubling the recipe, but a huge pain if you’re going from 4 to 5 or similar.


Thanks for the suggestion. It’s definitely not a bad idea! I’d obviously prefer to do it right if we are able, though.


Not wanting to create a new topic, but this is for sure the only requirement I have for the app and will upgrade to pro if it ever rolls out.

Every meal I cook for 3 adults (myself, my husband, and my mother) and 3 sons (they eat A LOT).

Love the recipes and concept behind your app. But generating everything for a max of 4 servings doesn’t make the app as user friendly and functional as I need it to be.


Your are right! It sounds like a 6-serving option would work well for you. That’s on our todo list!


I have four kids and a husband so would also really appreciate the option to have 6 servings.


Honestly I think most of us used to cooking for large people could handle changing the directions on our own. One way to help with the multiple servings might be to add the same recipe multiple times that way the shopping is correct. We try to cook our lunches ahead of time (8-10 servings) as one big batch. But the rest of the dinners for 2 servings.


I always do 1.5-2 times the servings and just go
In the shopping list and manually double the things I really need to double.
I already can’t really just log it as written it seems, in my fitness pal, as there have been a few times the counts were off, or I do a different bread, or pasta or something. It takes another 2 minutes of my life.
That said, I am eagerly awaiting the possibility of adjusting the app for much more servings!