High fat in almost all meals


Almost all meals I get recommended (whatever menu type I choose) are between 55-70% fat. Is this some bug? I have a hard time believing it’s even possible. Thanks in advance.
Please add some meals for someone who wants to gain weight and muscle mass. More carbohydrates and protein. Also high calorie meals would be great.


Hi Daniel - thanks for your feedback. I just replied to your email about this, and will post my response below so others can see :slight_smile:

At this time, the Mealime app isn’t focused on weight loss or weight gain objectives, though we’ve certainly heard of users who have been able to lose weight using it. Though we don’t offer these types of ‘goal-oriented’ options yet, this is something that we are currently investigating.

Right now, we aim to develop recipes that fall in the 550-700 caloric range, which we feel is ideal for most individuals who don’t have specific goals other than just wanting to cook and eat real food. Given that we don’t specifically cater to individuals looking to gain weight, we don’t have very many recipes that exceed 700 calories at this time. We’ve heard from other users (who need more calories for one reason or another) that they like to introduce snacks throughout the day to meet their caloric needs, so this is what we would recommend for you.

It would be great to know what kind of caloric ranges you are interested in as this would help us understand the needs of individuals like yourself, particularly if we decide to introduce more advanced customization options down the road.

In regards to the fat content of the meals, we have no reason to believe there are any bugs. Most of the fat comes from cooking oils/fats, meats, and dairy, and a gram of fat is about 9 calories (which is more than double the calories in carbs and protein). If you’d like me to look into any particular recipes for you, I’d be happy to do that. An easy way to manually lower the fat in the meals is to lessen the amount of cooking oil you use - for example, you could use 1 tbsp instead of 2 tbsp (if the recipe calls for 2), which would lower the fat content by ~14g and the calories by ~100.

We may investigate the development requirements of a low(er) fat meal plan in the future; for now, I’d suggest the manual method above if you’d like to reduce fat levels in meals. Thanks!


I’ve also noticed the high fat content in a lot of the recipes. However, I noticed in quite a few, especially the ones I’ve chosen thus far, that some is from good sources like avocado. I also find it easy to make substitutions that lower the fat. I am new to the app and the forum but I would like to say how very much I am enjoying browsing the recipes, putting together meal plans, reading the community posts, etc. I am so excited about all the additions and improvements that may come in the future (Breakfast! YES!).
Thanks so much for a great app!


I think a lot of the high fat content comes from the use of coconut oil. Substitute that for a good olive oil. At the very least that should up the amount of good fat and reduce the bad fat.