Greek Turkey Burgers and specific recipe questions


I am prepping the Greek Turkey Patties for dinner and realized that there’s no acidic ingredient in the salad dressing. Is that correct or a misprint—or maybe I read something wrong?


I feel like I should add some lemon juice to the dressing for it to be a Greek salad.

Also, is there a place we can give and read feedback on specific recipes from those in the community?


Thanks so much for checking in about that recipe, Michellyn! It is really helpful to hear feedback. I’m not a food connoisseur myself, so I can’t answer your question. But I will ask our chef Maria to check in here.

For now, this community is the best place to give feedback on recipes. We are considering making feedback and reviews a part of the app itself, though.


Hi Michellyn! I write and test all of our recipes so I’m happy to answer your question. :slight_smile:

Firstly, so sorry for the confusion regarding the Greek salad dressing for this recipe! I took another look at the recipe and it is correct as is. I decided to keep the dressing for this particular Greek salad very simple (just olive oil and some spices) as the rest of the recipe is already quite involved. What’s great about a Greek salad is that it gets so much flavor from the olives and feta that it doesn’t necessarily need much else. That being said, if you prefer to have some acidity in the dressing in the form of lemon juice or red wine vinegar, then you can absolutely add some!

Thanks so much for your feedback and sorry again for the confusion.


Thanks! I ended up eating a bit of the tzatziki sauce with the salad, and it’s flavors complemented it well. I would be tempted to make just the salad sometime, and I’ll probably add lemon juice if I don’t
make the tzatziki.