Difference between size of meals in settings


I look at nutrition facts just to see what I am eating when cooking meals. I am a meal prepper so I will cook a meal for today’s dinner and eat it for lunch. I will then repeat this every night. Does anyone find that the 2 servings is enough for them? Sometimes I will read the meals have 1000 calories approximately together. This doesn’t include breakfast when I eat cereal with almond milk. However, I did try 4 servings a week at one point and I just felt bloated before I started using this app. My question reworded is just does anyone think they get nearly the approximate 2000 calories that is needed, on the 2 servings plan? Does that make sense? As I should mention too I am pescatarian, I am trying to go towards lean protein replacing fish with steaks and pork products.


Typically I will double whatever the carb in the dish is. e.g., If it takes 1 cup of quinoa, I use two. This usually makes for fairly filling servings, but I will often add in a side as well. Granted I have a really high metabolism and am usually eating a dish with beef, chicken or turkey in it.


I am rowing too and working out so that’s why I was wondering. I don’t want to go overkill which I was before starting Mealime, I would eat meat all the time (my dad is a butcher). Now I am sick of pork and steak. Well somewhat, I enjoy a burger once and a while. Anyways, I am just trying to find a balance between fish and vegetarian as I know fish doesn’t have as much fat as meat does. I am always researching but thought I would ask. Thank you, @jonmcclung. I will take carbs into account as I know they are denser than most fats and proteins.


Hi Garret- I sometime make a green smoothie to have with dinner. Spinach or kale, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frozen berries. I add lemon juice and flax seeds, as well as grated ginger, because I like the taste.