Can't create new meal plan


I read the article on how to create a meal plan but the actual options are not the same as what the article says. When I click “new” it just gives me a list of meals rather than creating a plan. I can also only choose 1 meal at a time but what I liked about the app is that I DON’T have to choose what to make each day. Anyone know what’s going on?


Hi! We currently have 2 different ways of creating meal plans in the mobile app. It sounds like you are currently using the advanced builder, which gives you lots of control over your meal plan but does make you choose the recipes. You should try switching to the simple builder, which selects meals for you and lets you swipe to swap out any ones you don’t like.

Go to “Settings”, then “Eating Preferences”, then choose “Simple” under “Meal Planner”. You’ll be using the simple meal planner when you build your next meal plan.

Hope that helps!


That solved the problem. Thanks!