Breakfast meals


I know this is probably an old post, but my wife and I love the app and we’re hoping that a breakfast option would be added soon. Preferably with grab and go items because we both work mornings and have two kids to get to school.


Yep…I asked for this a few months ago and they replied that they were planning on adding this option soon. I’m hoping it’s sooner than later😁


Breakfast and snack options, i never know heathy options for snacks.


Totally agree, breakfast ideas that can be prepped the night before would be awesome for my early day shifts! Loving this app otherwise, can’t wait to see how this already amazing app further evolves :slight_smile:


I am new here and I agree in adding breakfast recipes to the list. I for one love having breakfast for dinner and having those recipes available to add to my grocery list would make my day.