Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between


First let me say that so far I’m excited to try most of these recipes. Just making meal plans for the FAM had my mouth watering! My son and I are both hypoglycemic and have to eat 6+ mini meals a day. Am I crazy or am I doing something wrong because I can’t find breakfast or snacks anywhere! If its a matter of up grading that’s fine but it would be nice if they included those in the “sample” meal plans!


You are most certainly not crazy! We only have dinner recipes at the moment, though we’re definitely interested in exploring other meal options (like breakfast, snacks, etc). I appreciate your feedback and can understand that it must be difficult to use Mealime (as it currently is) with a requirement of eating 6+ meals a day.

Thanks so much for your feedback, Shanna - we’re always working to improve the app, so hopefully we’ll be able to better serve you in the future :slight_smile:


I am here to add +1 for everything in between. I am a teacher and when classes start, I run from one classroom to the next with no time to have lunch. So far I have been surviving on string cheese which I can quickly take a few bites off. If Mealime can offer me a few other options, I would LOVE it.

I have considered munching on nuts, but I do not want anything stuck in my teeth.

On the days when I actually can have lunch at work, I would like to be able to bring in a dish that is easy to wrap and not too smelly. My go to option for the past five years has been Greek yoghurt. I wish that would change. My most recent invention is to make smoothies and put them in a very small container which I can gulp up before students come to the office.