App frequently says not connected to internet...when it is


This app often tells me that it is not connected to the internet, when it is connected. For instance, I try to mark a meal as complete or build a new plan, but it won’t let me. It just said that, and yet I can post here.


I’ve had this too on wifi and had to use 3G to get it to work!


Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with this! I haven’t experienced the problem myself, but I can try to look in to why it is happening for you. Can you tell me what device and operating system version you are using? What is your signal strength when this happens?



Thanks! I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7. I don’t know about operating systems… Usually full internet signal. It will tell me I’m not connected, but then immediately after I can stream videos and other functions on my phone. And strangely, it’ll let me post in the Mealime Community but not use the app functions like marking a meal complete.