Anyone loosing weight with Mealime?


I’m new to Mealime. I just joined today because I would like to start eating healthier. It seems as if I’ve been a bit of a rut with making the same thing over and over. I’m curious to know if anyone has been able to lose weight with Mealime? If so, how has incorporating Mealime been the most beneficial?


I have lost some weight since joining. Mainly because now I have all my meals preplanned and take the time to make them in advance so with my busy schedule I can just grab one heat it up and dinner is done. It keeps me from opting out of cooking and going with something I can order like pizza or Chinese.


I would loose weight if I chose not to pair every meal with preplanned wine or beer!


I don’t weigh myself frequently, but I’ve noticed a difference in the way I feel in my body. Definitely saves me money and lots of time in the store and in the kitchen. I recently had to weigh myself at a doctors check up and I did go down enough to drop my jaw!


The app is diminishing my stress around food planning. I also order all the food with Amazon Fresh which also contributes to getting rid of another stress. Stares may cause gain weight, so the app is contributing to my loss of weight.

I must have lost about 6lb within the past couple of months because many people comment that I am thinner. I think the app contributes to my weight loss but I also started on Jerzy’s Happy Body workout which is the only workout routine that I have been able to stick with. I have to add that I equally love both Jerzy’s workout and Mealime!


Meal planning alone doesn’t work for me for weight loss, but this keeps me from eating out, and as long as I exercise regularly and avoid restaurants, I am better at weight management, mostly because home cooking is healthier than eating out, but also because the time it would take to travel to a restaurant or wait for a delivery is exchanged for walking through my neighborhood or doing at-home workouts.