Allergy and dislike lists


I’m allergic to coconut and it is not on the list of dislikes it allergies. Since it is popular in many recipes (oil, milk, flakes, water), can you add it to at least one of these lists?


I just put it as a tree nut allergy. It will also keep pecans, walnuts, etc off the list but better safe than sorry.


I would also like to request Onion being added to both the allergies as well as dislikes. I was very surprised it was missing from the dislike list as it is a fairly common ingredient, but all sorts of more obscure stuff was present.


I’ll look in to supporting adding Onions and Coconut as disliked ingredients. Thanks for the suggestions!


The help article says there are 10 options for allergens. I only see 7. What happened to peanuts?


Some of the allergens are not available for certain meal plan types, unfortunately. This is because we just don’t have enough recipes for that combination yet to make the app a great experience. We are definitely working to improve this so that we can allow all allergens for all meal plan types.


Which meal plans have peanuts as an allergen option?


I can’t eat lemon or orange yet there’s only the option to restrict orange. Can lemon be restricted too please? Soo many of the recipies keep coming up with lemon and I can’t have any of them.


Peanut-free is an option for all our meal plan types, except Paleo. All our Paleo recipes are peanut-free, so we don’t make you add that as an extra restriction.


Got it! I’ll add lemons to the list of dislikes we’d like to add.


I agree with adding coconut to the dislike list at least, as I am highly allergic to it. When I created my first meal plan today, I found out that three of the meals had some form of coconut in the ingredients so I had to redo my list all over.


Thanks for adding your vote about coconut. Sorry for the trouble you went through with that meal plan!


If possible could we add corn to an allergy or dislike list? I’m allergic to corn, and obviously I can substitute things, but my first meal plan had corn in every dish offered to me! I switched to a paleo plan, and haven’t seen corn pop up, but honestly I don’t usually eat paleo, and would love to branch out.


Would it be possible to add bell peppers to the dislike list?


Thanks for suggesting Corn. I’ll add that to our to-add list!

Bell peppers should be there in the dislike list. Are you not seeing it in the mobile app @trmaloy? Could you let me know what meal plan type and restrictions you’ve set? It may be that it is just not available yet given your other restrictions.


I see now. Sorry about that. :blush:


Good to know. No problem!