Adding a meal to an existing meal plan


Hi, I’m new to the mealime community and to the app. I am a busy mum who mealplans up to 14meals ahead, and sometimes half way through planning our meals in the app I’m required to stop for a moment to tend to children or answer the phone etc, and then return to meal planning and I then find I’ve lost all the meals chosen or it has already created the meal plan with the meals chosen, ad I then have to start again as I don’t have enough meals chosen.
Question is, is there a way for me to add meals to an already existing meal plan. It is so time consuming having to go through planning my meal’s 2-3 times to achieve the right amount of meals.

Thank you for your help.


Hi @Mmurphy! Welcome to Mealime!

Wow, I’m super impressed that you meal plan up to 14 meals ahead. I feel good about doing 5!

Sorry, though that you’re having frustrations with this. I’m not sure that I understand why you’re losing your meals part way through creating your meal plan. When you return to the app after getting interrupted, you should be taken directly back to the meal planning process where your can add and remove more meals. If that’s not happening for some reason then we definitely have to fix that. I haven’t noticed anything like that myself though.

Regardless, I appreciate your suggestion to add meals to an existing meal plan. We’ve had a few others request this too. This is something we are definitely considering doing very soon! It’s not as trivial as it sounds, because adding a meal would add new items to your grocery list, which would be very confusing if you’ve already gone grocery shopping, or just checked off items you had at home. We can probably get around that by only letting you add meals to a meal plan immediately after you created it. That’s probably too much info for you… The point is we’re on it!


It would be nice if there were more dietary options to choose from. We dabble in paleo, GF, Clean eating, organic,low fat, low cholesterol, diabetic, raw and vegetarian but it seems like you can only choose one which makes for a very boring diet. My 11yr old son has a genetic disorder call hypolipodemia which means he already has high cholesterol and him and I have hypoglycemia and I have Lupus. Therefore we really have to watch what we eat and for us breakfast and snacks are the most important meal’s and those are not included anywhere and I’m very disappointed. So far this is my favorite meal app (and I’ve tried a lot!!!) But this might be a deal breaker =(


Thanks for sharing this suggestion, Shanna. We definitely want to support more dietary options. Since we create all our own recipes, we need to make sure we have enough recipes before adding more options. But it’s important to us to support everyone as well as possible.