A couple of feature requests:


1: Meal search includes individual ingredients within the recipe instead of just a general title search. Ex: Searching for “parsley” brings up ALL recipes that include parsley, not just the mentions of parsley in the title.

2: Extended meal history: the ability to see a log or history of all the meals you’ve made throughout the history of using the app (or up to a certain point, say within the last months/year), so I can go back and find meals a little easier that I liked but maybe didn’t favorite at the time.

Love this app. Keep up the amazing work, thanks!


Custom allergy box. Or poultry as a allergy it’s happening to more people .


I would also like this feature, searching by ingredients, i could not find anything with potatos in vegetarian options which i though was weird.


Thanks for your feedback, Kat! Our first foray into search finds keywords in the titles of the recipes. It doesn’t, at this time, find ingredients within a recipe that aren’t mentioned in the recipe title. Future improvements to search will likely solve this issue in a broader manner.

I did a quick search for potato / potatoes with the Vegetarian diet type selected, and I was able to find recipes. Please double check that you don’t have potatoes selected as a dislike. If you’d like me to take a look at your eating preferences and see if there’s an issue, please send a quick email to hello@mealime.com with your Mealime email address. I’d be happy to dig in for you.


Hi, thankyou i found 2 the rest were sweet potato, which i guess you could sub sweet for regular potato depending on what was in the cupboard. Thankyou.


You’re welcome! Glad you were able to find some matching recipes - and you’re right, substituting regular potatoes for sweet is perfectly fine.