2 week plans and breakfast... again lol


Hi there! I’m brand new to the app and so far it’s pretty awesome! As i was planning out next weeks meals i was thinking it would be great if we could plan 2 weeks at a time. Work schedules changed, shift work etc., so shopping every week on the same day isn’t always doable for everyone. As i said, i’m brand new so i really don’t know when you can even start planning your next week lol also, i did read a lot of posts about breakfast, cannot agree with everyone enough lol even if it was just simple things like oatmeal, toast, yogurt and fruit… whatever. Just to be able to help plan groceries and have it all in one place. Breakfast for most people during the week is quick, simple, effortless. The recipes certainly don’t need to be extravagant. You already have frittatas on the menu lol those could be incorporated for fancy brekkie or weekend brekkie lol anyways, just wanted to say great job so far to the whole team!!! Job well done! Now get back to work and make it better to keep all of us whiners happy ok? LOL!!!


Haha. Thanks for the support and suggestions! We’ve had a lot of interest in breakfast recipes lately, and we will definitely move that up in our list of todos. Right now it is possible to plan a week ahead. If you create a new meal plan part-way through the week, you can view the meals from your “previous” (current) meal plan on the “Meal Plan” screen, and keep cooking those. You do need to be a pro member to do that, though. Signing up for pro helps us get to building other features faster, though, so its a great idea :wink: .


Ohhhhh, thanks for the info! I’ll upgrade to pro soon! Great tip hahahaha :wink:
Best of luck with your planning!


You are very welcome!